2024 Color Trends & 4 Ways to Implement Them at Your Hotel

2024 Color Trends & 4 Ways to Implement
Them at Your Hotel

As a hotelier, it’s important to pay attention to color trends in the industry. After all, color influences your hotel’s overall atmosphere, theme, and guest experience. It can help create ambiance and mood to evoke emotions such as calmness and relaxation in guestrooms, while arousing vibrance and energy in common areas.

Color helps define the brand and identity of your hotel. Consistent and intentional uses of color throughout a hotel reinforce brand recognition in powerful, non-verbal ways.  Moreover, thoughtful application of color promotes a cohesive visual identity that enhances guests’ overall experience, makes them feel welcome, and encourages social interaction.

Finally, color also influences the size of a space. Lighter colors make a space feel more open and airy, while darker colors create a sense of warmth, coziness, and intimacy.

The 2024 Color of the Year 

Peach Fuzz is Pantone’s 2024 color of the year.

It is a soft, versatile, peachy color that brings a simple, bright pop to any space. It’s easy to pair with earthy tones, but can also find a home within pastel, neutral, or bold color schemes. The natural associations of the color lead people to think of trees, sunsets, and a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

Color Trends in 2024

The cold feeling of grey is leaving the hospitality design world in 2024. Hotel guests perceive grey, modern spaces as more sterile and less welcoming. We will continue to see earth tones, bold accents, and lots of texture, while the clean, straight-lined, modern design style fades from popularity.

Owners and guests want their hotels to feel warm, inviting, cozy, and classic. Therefore, hoteliers will look to bring more depth to their properties with lots of textiles, natural elements, and inviting color schemes.

How to Stay On-Trend in 2024

Travelers want to stay in hotels that are unique and different from their day-to-day lives. With that in mind, keeping your hotel feeling relevant and modern makes it more attractive to guests.

ID Studio recommends four high-impact, low-cost ways you and your designer can update your hotel and implement 2024’s trends in color, warmth, and texture to make it feel more welcoming:

  1. Inject new accent pillows to bring more texture to a space without replacing an entire seating arrangement.
  2. Refresh your artwork, where you can also introduce texture and bold, warm colors in the artwork.
  3. Lighting also contributes heavily to the environment and vibe of a space. Select new table and floor lamps with warmer bulbs, more ornate styles, and warmer finishes (think bronze or brushed brass) to help elevate a space. Instead of all matte black finishes, we now see layering of finishes.
  4. Introduce plants to add atmosphere to your public spaces.

The above steps are simple and don’t require significant time or capital. However, by influencing how guests feel about your hotel, they can produce meaningful ROI.

How Innvision Stays On-Trend

Innvision always aims to stay abreast of current trends while anticipating new ones so we can stay a step ahead of the crowd. We work hard to help hoteliers enjoy properties and spaces that feel fresh, different, and unique.

For example, as projects finish in 2024 that ID Studio designed last year or even prior, we will stage the spaces slightly differently than we initially designed if necessary to stay on-trend. We will also add more layers (accessories, pillows, plants, greenery) to encourage guests to stay awhile, enjoy, and interact with other travelers.

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