“Working with Innvision Hospitality, we’ve come to expect the delivery of a good quality project and a relevant design at a reasonable cost. Even with the GC pushing delivery dates, their team kept us informed and accommodated certain delivery times achieving no FF&E related delays. They are experienced, accommodating and deliver in a timely fashion. That’s huge for us. This is our team’s seventh project with Innvision, and they continually meet our expectations.”



“In our industry, selecting the right design and procurement team plays a vital role. We were thrilled when Innvision and their team visualized the design and implemented the new Formula Blue package which resulted in a vibrant and fresher look for our hotel. That was not only beyond our expectations but the expectation for our IHG Colleagues.” — Noman Qamar


“I would recommend Innvision Hospitality to anyone looking to make development easier. They take the heavy lifting out of the initial process of obtaining product quantities and quotes. The Innvision team is a great resource for problem-solving at the jobsite. Their invoice process saves a lot of time!” — Spencer Sandiha


“Lee Ann, Kalen and Ally with Innvision have been great to work with on the remodel of our Hotel. They have done such a great job putting together a design package that suits our area and our clientele. Beginning with a site visit from Lee Ann. She began taking measurements, asked us questions and answered the many questions we had. To Kalen, putting together our ideas on paper, designing our package and ordering the items for us. To Ally, changing the orders and adding items to the orders. To Lee Petchev and Dickie Chestnut in Logistics and claims resolution, moving our delivery schedules around to accommodate our needs and helping us to get our claims resolved in a timely manner. Everyone has been great to work with. They are very patient with my every need, question and demand. They have helped me stay on top of the order schedule, delivery schedule and helped with claim issues in a very timely manner. Innvision was great to work with and I appreciate every one of the people that have helped me through this process. They are very patient and have explained everything in a way I could understand. I recommend Innvision to any property about to go through the renovation process.” — Karyn Johnson


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