Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Your FF&E Procurement Provider

In today’s market, there are many providers of hotel FF&E procurement and interior design services. How can you find the perfect match for your hotel?

Below are eight critical questions to help you find the best provider for your project.

Will the FF&E provider and designer walk your property with you before starting work?

Will they be available for site visits and follow-up during your project?   After your installation is complete, will they perform a punch list walk-through with you? 

You are making a big investment, and an FF&E procurement project is a complex undertaking. Therefore, having the chance to meet face-to-face with your design and procurement consultant onsite is invaluable. When you partner with Innvision Hospitality, one of our 20 field-based design and procurement consultants nationwide will know your property, understand your project needs first-hand, tailor solutions accordingly, and stand by you every step along the way.

What past experience does the provider have with your hotel brand?

Does your franchisor recommend them?  Your provider should have extensive knowledge and expertise working with your brand. Likewise, the corporate brand team should be familiar with your provider’s quality of work.

The Innvision Hospitality team has successfully completed over 1500 hotel renovation or construction projects has worked with over 65 different hotel flags, and enjoys a strong reputation thanks to our record of excellence. We are members of invitation-only procurement programs for Hilton, IHG, Wyndham, Choice, and Radisson.

How much money can the provider save you?

Do they provide a total project cost estimate up front, or just a fee for services? Does that cost estimate continue to increase as you learn about items they left out of it?  Will they find trusted, quality alternative product sources at lower costs that meet or exceed brand standards?  Three important measures of value for a purchasing provider are how upfront they are with your project’s total cost, hard they are willing to work, and how skilled they are at finding savings.

At Innvision Hospitality, we provide realistic cost estimates. We conduct research and go to great lengths to find the right product sources, shipping routes, and freight carriers to saving clients money on their FF&E purchases and avoid nasty surprises.

Does the provider have a team of specialists to provide end-to-end design and procurement services?

Will you work with a dedicated team for custom design, purchasing, project management, logistics, installation, and accounting? Here at Innvision, we believe the jack-of-all trades model has significant shortcomings. Instead, we have skilled subject matter experts to serve you throughout all aspects of the project. Their job is to add value to your project, keeping your headaches and worry to a minimum so you can focus on running your business. 

For example, we have a robust interior design studio with an outstanding portfolio and credentials approved to work on Marriott and Hilton full-service projects. Our ID Studio teams up with our procurement professionals to offer a compelling fully integrated design and FF&E solution. This collaboration leads to faster-moving projects and more beautiful hotels.

The Innvision team of specialists across all areas will handle your project effectively and professionally from start to finish.

Do vendors recommend the provider?

This is an important clue to provide insight into a procurement provider’s relationships, business practices, behavior, and financial stability. It may also reveal how much clout a provider will have with its manufacturers for expediting an order or resolving a product issue.

At Innvision Hospitality, we have spent more than a decade and a half developing and maintaining excellent values-based business relationships with hotel FF&E. It also helps that we pay our manufacturers on time, and often ahead of time.

Will you have a support coordinator for logistics and damage issues?

Will the FF&E provider assign your project a dedicated coordinator responsible for all logistics and transportation, updating you with timely delivery reports, and replacing any items damaged during shipment at no additional charge?  Having a dedicated Innvision team member you can turn to for critical updates on shipments speeds up the relay process – you can get information directly from the source. This individual is knowledgeable in hotel construction methods and milestones, FF&E receiving and storage methods, and product installation procedures..

Your Innvision Hospitality logistics coordinator works with you to set a delivery schedule, knows the status of your product within the supply chain, and can help make adjustments as needed. In the event of a problem with your shipment, our Warranty & Claims personnel will resolve product and damage issues promptly.

Will the provider assign a credit analyst and extend credit terms for your project?

Who will they set credit terms to help you avoid paying 100% upfront before delivery, expedite the release of orders, manage project payments, and reconcile your project’s accounting? Will they remit sales taxes to the taxing authority and relieve you of that responsibility (liability)?  The value of a dedicated specialist cannot be overstated. Your Innvision Hospitality credit analyst will begin working with you early in the FF&E purchasing process, taking a proactive approach to saving you time and money. Your credit analyst works quickly and diligently to be able to release your project’s purchase orders as soon as possible. With the right specialist who communicates actively, you will find timely answers to your questions and meet all your accounting needs.

Do you trust the provider?

Will they take care of you as a client, operate with integrity, and stand behind their product?   You will sleep better at night and your experience will be much more satisfying if you trust the people with whom you do business.  To lower your risk and increase your confidence, before you choose your FF&E partner, you will need to decide:

  • Will they do what they say?
  • Will they protect your best interests?
  • Will they honor your partnership in the FF&E purchasing process?