FF&E Procurement Services

Innvision’s team of field-based procurement consultants located throughout the US has successfully purchased FF&E for thousands of hotels, resorts, and conference centers and more than 60 different major hotel brands. We meet face-to-face with our clients at their hotel sites and we are client advocates, proud to offer the highest levels of customer care and accountability.

We walk with our clients through their hotels before beginning work, we are on site to set up model rooms as product arrives, and we add the finishing touches as a project nears completion. Our team of trusted advisors is there to assist when and where our clients need us most.

We are hotel FF&E brand standards experts who guide clients by making educated recommendations about which suppliers are the best fit to meet budget, schedule, and quality objectives for a given project. Our procurement teams are experienced at creating cost savings opportunities for a hotel within its FF&E budget, while also satisfying critical design and brand specification requirements.

Innvision Design Studio™

Innvision Design Studio™ is our in-house hospitality interior design boutique, focused on tailoring full custom designs from concept to implementation for upper/midscale to luxury hotels. Innvision Design Studio™ clients gain an advantage that comes from having our design teams work hand-in-hand with our procurement teams from the earliest stages of a project. This integration promotes communication and efficiency, saving our clients time and money. Design and procurement teams can specify budget-friendly products together on the front end to avoid time-consuming back-and-forth discussions or confusion later in the project.

Moreover, Innvision Design Studio™ is outstanding at capturing and creatively showcasing our clients’ individual styles while best representing their hotel brands. Our team’s knowledge and understanding of brand standards and design intent comes from years of partnering with hotel brand designers on a huge variety of full-service and limited-service projects around the world.

InnVision Design Studio

Hospitality FF&E Project Management Project Management

Innvision Hospitality successfully completes many new construction and renovation hotel jobs each year, providing full turnkey packages accomplished on time and under budget. We manage these projects internally with a team of specialists from multiple disciplines who handle the different phases of the hospitality design and purchasing process. Along with a field-based procurement consultant and designer, three other Innvision Hospitality professionals take ownership of your project – a project manager, financial analyst, and project logistics representative.

This project management team is the service engine that works behind the scenes and coordinates each phase of the design project. As accountability partners, the entire team is responsible for delivering the best client experience in the industry.

“Overall the project management team did extremely well at updating us on what was going on behind the scenes with placed orders, potential changes, and expected delivery dates; they were very diligent at sending project reports and delivery schedules.”

Gabby Trad, CHA at Hilton Garden Inn Edmond, OK

Project Logistics

Before we place purchase orders with FF&E manufacturers, Innvision Hospitality project logistics coordinators discuss scheduling with our clients and their key stakeholders. We get to know a project in order to develop a timeline and work with manufacturers to ensure products will arrive when needed. Innvision’s logistics experts get production and transportation status updates and communicate with clients through the delivery process. The Innvision project logistics team stays on point until the punch list is complete, interfacing with general managers, installers, and all necessary parties to ensure efficient, timely completion of the entire project.

Our project logistics coordinators are a high-touch team with a dedicated focus on communication, anticipation, and responsiveness regarding the logistics needs of our clients.

Financial Assistance

An Innvision financial analyst begins discussions with our clients at the earliest stages of a project to better understand each project and set it up for success from a financial standpoint. This proactive approach saves time by allowing clients and Innvision to move more quickly and avoid unnecessary delays once we’re ready to place purchase orders.

For complete turnkey projects, Innvision Hospitality stands out as one of the only FF&E hospitality procurement companies to offer credit terms to its clients. Our finance professionals provide valuable services that include payment and budget tracking, reconciliation of invoices, submission of documentation to clients’ financial institutions, and other related assistance to make our clients’ hotel project accounting go smoothly.

“I would recommend Innvision Hospitality to anyone looking to make development easier. They take the heavy lifting out of the initial process of obtaining product quantities and quotes. The Innvision team is a great resource for problem-solving at the jobsite. Their invoice process saves a lot of time!”  Spencer Sandiha, Pinnacle Hospitality

Application for Credit


Our FF&E installation solution offers compelling benefits to our procurement clients. By adding this optional service to the scope of work, our clients enjoy offloading to Innvision Hospitality responsibility for the many moving parts and complexities of installation. Our team can manage nearly every aspect of your project.

We deploy experienced hotel FF&E installation professionals who partner with our logistics coordinators to schedule deliveries and receive goods. Using tools such as elevation drawings, our installers manage the precise placements of FF&E products.

When needed, they work closely with our project logistics team to resolve damage or other product issues that can arise, allowing our hotel clients to stay focused on other aspects of their business. Our teams work through a punch list together to ensure that everything is correct for a timely walk-through inspection of the property with our client. Instead of worrying about the headaches of managing installers who don’t have accountability for the rest of the project, our installation clients find great comfort knowing the Innvision Hospitality name is there to stand behind them in all phases of the process.

Innvision Resupply DivisionInnvision Resupply

Innvision Resupply is our in-house FF&E resupply branch, focused on supplying the items that keep your hotel up and running smoothly. Our resupply services provide high-quality products from a wide variety of essential categories for hoteliers, such as beds and bedding, bathroom hardware and accessories, window treatments, decor, seating and tables, AC units, and electronic needs. No matter what items you need to replace, Innvision Resupply ensures that your hotel has the means to create the optimal guest experience.

With over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, Innvision knows brands and their products inside and out, meaning we ensure that every item you purchase is of the highest caliber. Our professional resupply providers only work with the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers, many of whom use a quick ship program so that you not only have access to excellent FF&E but also receive replacement products promptly.

Our mission is to cultivate lasting relationships with clients by providing value through quality products, superior customer service, and competitive pricing. We strive to make the resupply process simple and straightforward, with our representatives always available to answer any questions you may have. When you work with Innvision Resupply, you’re not only getting the best FF&E items on the market but a trusted partner that genuinely cares about your entire experience.

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