What's trending in wallcoverings?

Paint and wallpaper are a mainstay for all hotels, but they offer only a narrow set of possibilities. In contrast, versatile wallcoverings allow hoteliers to add texture and interest to a property, with unlimited options to meet every design scheme.

We spoke with a few ID Studio Designers to get the scoop the latest trends in wallcoverings.

Playing it Smooth

Wallcoverings are all about texture, but it doesn’t have to be extreme. Hotel designs are shifting away from pronounced, bumpy surfaces in favor of finer textures that add subtle interest to the wall. Silky and shimmery textures are popular choices right now, bringing a touch of elegance to rooms. Shine is also being incorporated with reflective surfaces on focal walls for a look that’s both modern and chic.

All About the Accent

One of the biggest trends in wallcoverings right now is to add a pop of color to accent walls. Most walls in both public and private spaces feature muted tones and understated patterns. Designating a single wall that stands out from the rest is a great way to bring a sense of fun to your space. Neutral shades will never go out of style, but a bright color in the right place —such as behind the headboard in guest rooms or at the front desk of a lobby— puts a stylish twist on classic wallcoverings.

Bold New World

For recent wallcovering designs, bigger is better. Digital graphics allow walls to become their own pieces of art. New technology can print images directly onto the wallcovering for murals and portraits that are larger-than-life. Graphics aren’t the only way to make a statement with wallcoverings, though. Large patterns are on the rise, particularly in spaces such as corridors that don’t feature much decoration. They add intrigue to areas that may typically come across as mundane.

While walls are one of the most standard elements in any hotel design, remember that there are better options than ever available to you, so don’t miss your chance to make a lasting impact.

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