Upholstered Seating Design Trends in Hospitality

Upholstered seating has been a staple in hotel properties since the beginning of time, but the term ‘upholstery’ often brings up visions of outdated vintage seating. New upholstered seating trends are putting a twist on the classic for armchair designs you won’t find at grandma’s house.

We spoke with a few ID Studio Designers to find out the latest trends in upholstered seating design.

Thoroughly Modern

Hotels are seeing a shift towards contemporary looks that set upholstered seating apart from past chair designs.

Traditional turned legs and curved arms are being replaced with geometric shapes and linear legs. Current designs are slimmer, cleaner, and smaller scaled to avoid the bulky look of rounded, ornate chairs of the past. Certain pieces, such as lounge chairs, are making use of unique forms. For example, a chair that is egg-shaped or a bench that resembles a fractal.

Mix & Match

Say goodbye to the cookie-cutter feel of all-matching furniture. Today’s properties incorporate a variety of diverse pieces to create an interesting, yet unified look. By utilizing an assortment of seating options, hotels establish a more residential atmosphere rather than rooms that look like the whole collection of furniture was picked out of a single catalog.

Lounge seating isn’t the only part of upholstery making use of creative blends, though. Seats like dining area banquettes are also incorporating varied materials for a truly unique look. For example, it’s not uncommon to see the use of vinyl on the banquette’s seat paired with an interesting patterned back fabric.

Funky Fabric

Hotels are no longer shying away from bold upholstered seating designs. Because soft good renovations will typically occur far before a full space renovation takes place, hoteliers can feel free to push boundaries with their seating options without too much of a commitment.

Boutique properties, in particular, are moving away from traditional neutral soft goods in favor of bright colors and rich jewel tone fabric options. Another eye-catching design trend on the rise is the use of patterned fabrics on upholstery.

While many properties are making a move towards fabrics that stand out, neutral shades will always be a mainstay in upholstery. Even classic hues are seeing a bit of an update, however. “Greige,” a mix between grey and beige, is a new favorite for hotels that want a more timeless upholstery look.

Cutting Costs, Not Style

Leather seating provides a certain sense of luxury, but many hotels don’t have the budget for the expensive material. Vinyl is an attractive alternative that closely imitates the look of leather while remaining cost-efficient. An additional bonus of choosing vinyl over leather is the increased product consistency. Leather wears and patinas over time, but vinyl is a more streamlined product that keeps its original look and condition far longer.

Keeping your property’s style up-to-date is an essential part of the guest experience. Seating is one of the most crucial aspects of providing comfort, so you must carefully consider all design aspects to make the right impression.

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