Hotel Guest Room Window Treatment Design

In the hotel guest room, window treatments are full of possibility. They can draw attention, ensure privacy and set the mood of the entire space.

We spoke with a handful of ID Studio designers to find out their perspective on the latest hospitality design trends for guest room window treatments.

Clean Style

Pinch-pleat drapery and ripple folds have long been a window treatment staple, but lately hotel owners have been moving away from drapery in favor of roller shades. The sleek, clean option offers more versatility in other areas of the room’s design.

Cornices are also shifting towards a simpler look. Guest rooms are now utilizing stained wood styles over upholstered cornice design.

Designs that Pop

Although effortless in functionality, roller shades are anything but simple. Recent advances allow for patterns, graphics and colors to be printed directly on the shades. Bold printed roller shades provide an added decorative element to the room, creating a layer of interest and built-in artwork for guests to enjoy.

For properties seeking a more traditional design, classic neutral whites and grays are a popular choice as well.

Window Treatment Technology

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations now require ADA guest rooms incorporate motorized roller shades so the window treatment is accessible for handicapped guests. A modern solution, these motorized shades are remote controlled so guests don’t have to reach or stand to adjust them.

Keeping up to speed on the latest trends is essential to your hotel’s design. When updating your window treatments, consider refreshing the other furniture, fixture and equipment elements of your space, too.

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