guest room hotel lighting trends

A well-designed guest room is nothing without proper lighting to show it off. Whether it’s choosing the right light bulbs for proper color and longevity or deciding on fixture design, there’s much to consider when it comes to brightening up your guest space.

We spoke with our design experts at Innvision Design Studio for their perspective on what’s hot in guest room lighting, so you don’t have to stay in the dark on the latest trends.

Unexpected & Integrated

Case goods in guest rooms are no longer individual, free standing items. The current furniture design trend is a built-in millwork approach. Gone are the large furniture pieces and in their place are sleek looking headboards, open closets and smaller desk units. Nightstand sizes are shrinking, and as a result, guest room lighting is shifting from traditional bedside table lamps, becoming integrated into the room’s case good items. In the past, hoteliers steered away from fragile wall-mounted swivel lamps, but new designs are now mounted directly to the extension of the headboard, making them more structurally sound.

Architectural lighting placement also can provide creative lighting in previously ignored areas such as underneath the bed or at the top of the headboard for a soft glow that acts as a nightlight. You’ll also find it behind TV panels for a relaxed ambiance in the entertainment center. It’s important to evaluate the overall lighting in the guest room to allow for general ambient lighting as well as task lighting so that the guest is always comfortable.

Light Years Ahead of the Past

Advances in technology are changing the game for hotel lighting, especially with longer lasting options available and new property lighting standards. LED lights are now the go-to bulb for all light fixtures as their sustainability and long life makes them a favorite among hoteliers. The American Disability Act (ADA) requires lighting to be easily accessible for all, so either rocker switches or push buttons must control decorative table and floor lamps.

Another aspect of lighting tech advancement is the ability to create custom lighting experiences for guests. Illuminated dimming switches are a popular guest room addition for guests to control the room’s ambiance and actually see the light switch at night. Eventually, we anticipate that some hotels will allow guests to adjust the lighting from their personal devices and through voice activation, as well as control the color of lighting to create a memorable experience.

Doing Away With Tradition

Boutique properties are using light fixtures as statement pieces for guest rooms with unique designs that set them apart from other hotels.

One way designers are changing the look of light fixtures is with unexpected lamp base shapes, such as geometric models rather than rounded ones. Metal and glass-like resin are popular choices for lamp bases, sometimes with a swirl of color added for an interesting accent. Lampshades are seeing a rise in laser cut patterns layered over tonal colors, creating a unique shadow effect each time the lamp is used.

Lighting is one of the most critical aspects of a guest room. It’s essential to make sure not only that guest rooms are well lighted, but also that the fixtures are visually appealing and easy for guests to operate.

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