Trends in Guest Bathroom Hotel DesignIn the fast-paced Hospitality industry, it’s important to keep up with looks designed to make your property stand out.

We spoke with several ID Studio designers to find out their perspective on the latest hotel design trends for guest bathrooms.

Bathtub Comeback

Bathtubs are making a design comeback. For years now, depending on property market and location, tubs were pulled out to be converted into a shower space.

However, new hotel brands and boutique properties have started bringing the tub back in a completely refreshing way, using freestanding tubs, vintage clawfoot tubs and elegant pedestal tubs with separate showers located nearby.

These tub looks blend traditional fixtures with modern design. For example, clawfoot tubs are such an unexpected focal point that they are often installed outside the bathroom space.

Guest-facing Technology

As technology continues to evolve, so does guest bathroom design.

It’s no secret that most hotel guests are looking for an experience they don’t have at home. With the latest hotel tech advances, bathrooms now feature ‘smart’ design:

  • Interactive mirrors. Lit mirrors are integrated with technology to provide touch screen personalized options and easy front desk communication.
  • Streaming showers. Shower heads with multi-body sprays and a Bluetooth speaker connection for music streaming.
  • Lit vanity mirrors. Lighted makeup mirrors allow guests to select lighting based on color, temperature and time of day.

Creative Amenities

Even bathroom amenities need a well-designed approach.

Simple offerings like a plastic comb become a special treat when presented in a surprising manner. Originality in amenities and packaging delivers an added touch of luxury for guests.

Clean Finishes

When it comes to guest bathrooms, classic and clean design is never out of style. Consider the following options for your property:

  • Dark, matte black plumbing fixtures and accessories
  • White subway tile with dark grout
  • Floor tiles that appear hand-painted and hexagonal mosaics

When selecting finishes for any part of your hotel, consider timeless features that will continue to add value to the guest experience for years to come. Incorporate these guest bathroom design trends to keep your property looking contemporary and fresh.

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