Modern Hotel with Bunk Beds | Case Goods Design Trends

In hospitality, case goods and furniture are often the last to be updated. We change out “soft goods” like window treatments and carpeting with much more frequency, but case goods are designed to last. That said, styles do transform over time.

Our in-house design team, ID Studio, recently attended the HD Expo in Las Vegas to get inspired and see all the latest trends in furniture, fixtures, and equipment. We caught up with a few of our designers to find out more about what’s new in case goods design.

Millennial Influence

In the technology age, the traditional guest room has transformed from functional to experiential. Hotel owners are opting for smaller, non-traditional bed and room layouts to accommodate the needs of Millennial guests and single travelers. Because Millennials tend to spend travel time exploring rather than relaxing in hotel rooms, it’s crucial to incorporate modern outlets and accessible charging stations so devices are ready for adventures come morning.

Matte Black Finishes Featured at HD Expo 2018

Creative Storage

While room sizes may be shrinking, there’s no lack of substance. The concept is to provide guests with everything they want and nothing they don’t need. Case goods are becoming open and minimal with seamlessly integrated technology. Vertical space is taken advantage of with clever wall-mounted storage solutions. Guest storage is limited to wall hooks or open closets, and collapsible furniture is hung on the wall to increase available floor space.

Back in Black

From finishes to hardware, black is dominating hotel case goods design. A powerful neutral shade, we are seeing a rise in popularity with matte black as the go-to metal finish for plumbing and light fixtures, furniture and room finishes. Paired with the right wood tone, the dark hue lends a modern, sophisticated touch to the case goods.


No one wants their property to look generic, and customized furniture and case goods create one-of-a-kind guest experiences. Even small-scale hotels are embracing unique designs to set them apart from the rest. In addition to providing hotel design expertise, working with a hospitality designer will ensure your custom case goods are not only unique but also functional.

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