how to prepare for purchasing FF&E

Successful hotel FF&E procurement demands thorough planning that takes place far in advance of actual order placements. In order for your hotel furnishings to arrive on time and meet your guests’ and brand’s expected quality, your project team must determine timelines, vendors, and their specific project requirements. 

Order ASAP

Timing is everything when it comes to FF&E. One of the first things you’ll want to do for your hotel project is to establish a timeline to which you and your team will commit so all items arrive by the needed date. When setting your schedule, you’ll want to keep various factors in mind, such as approvals, lead times, and product availability. 

As the demand for domestic goods has risen significantly due to import tariffs, many American-made FF&E items have longer lead times than previously. Plan accordingly and as a general rule of thumb, it’s always best to place your purchase orders sooner than later. 

Make Valuable Vendor Choices

Picking the right manufacturers for your FF&E items will impact the appearance, quality, and ease of procurement in your hotel project. It is imperative that you research vendors before placing orders to guarantee that they are not only approved by your brand, but also that they deliver on their promises. 

Be wary of vendors whose prices seem too good to be true, as there is often a catch. For instance, manufacturers may charge less if their FF&E isn’t fully assembled, but you’ll wind up paying more on the installation side of things as a result. 

Your procurement partner’s relationships with their vendors is also of the utmost importance. Do your homework to evaluate the financial stability of a procurement company and learn about payment histories with their various manufacturers. Getting payments in on time makes a huge difference in the level of service vendors provide to their clients. Using an FF&E procurement provider who has strong vendor relationships will allow you to leverage the benefits of those professional connections to receive quality products at the best price point and service level.

Know Your Needs

Every hotel project is different, from brand requirements to whether your property is a new build or going through renovations. It’s essential to keep the specifics of your FF&E project in mind when planning for your procurement. For example, a renovation will need proper staging for receiving products to minimize any friction with guests and planning for the time of year when occupancy rates are lowest. 

Another aspect to be cognizant of is how a product will be handled after delivery. Do you have the ability to store FF&E on-site, or will you require warehousing? Receiving FF&E is a key component of the procurement process, and having a detailed plan in place will help minimize potential damages and ensure a smooth installation process. 

Why You Should Partner with a Procurement Agency

An end-to-end FF&E procurement provider will handle all the various aspects of your hotel project and keep track of them throughout to ensure that everything is going according to plan. Established procurement companies utilize their express knowledge of hotel operations and design so that every detail of your property is covered. 

Innvision Hospitality offers end-to-end procurement services to address hoteliers’ every need. With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we have completed a wide variety of successful hotel projects for clients across the U.S. Contact our design and procurement experts today to get started on your property’s new build or updates!