What to Know About Window Treatments

An unexpected truth of every guest room design is how much impact a window can have on the space. The right window treatment sets a tone so guests feel at home even when they’re far from their own.

What You Need to Know About Window Treatments

Keep the following window treatment tips in mind to create a cozy environment for guests to enjoy:

1. Trust the experts.

No window is the same size. Every individual window on your property must be measured. As you select window treatments for your hotel, keep in mind that it’s best to partner with a single company to complete the pre-measurement, fabrication, and installation of the treatment so you can rest assured it’s done properly.

Although the pre-measurement stage is a crucial part of every FF&E project, some hotel owners opt to complete the measurements on their own, which can be a costly choice. If you choose the DIY route, you’ll most likely void the product warranty and be responsible if any issues arise post-install. 

2. Look for the window schedule.

New construction projects can be heavy on documentation and collaboration with your architect and general contractor. However, here’s an important document you’ll want to keep an eye out for when planning your window treatments: the window schedule. A window schedule outlines the window size and quantity. Sometimes windows aren’t clearly established in an architect’s plans, which can create budgeting problems later on. To avoid unexpected costs in the future, be sure to request a window schedule from your architect directly.

3. Choose the right fabric.

As with many other aspects of an FF&E project, the fabric and material you select make a difference. If the chosen treatment fabric is too heavy, it may hang at an unflattering angle or cause the hardware to sag. Look for light yet sturdy materials to complement the overall space.

4. Be aware of light leakage.

Before your property even opens, you’ll want to take every step to ensure an outstanding guest experience. Believe it or not, window treatments play a significant role in how a guest may view their stay. One of the most common complaints a hotelier faces is light leakage, easily solved when you select a blackout shade treatment.

5. Understand ADA guest room needs.

All Americans with Disabilities Act rooms must utilize a window treatment option that is easily accessible for disabled guests. If you incorporate contemporary roller shades in your ADA guest rooms, you must collaborate closely with your general contractor or treatment vendor depending on what type of system you choose. When using a built-in system, you’ll need to confirm where the power is being run; a battery-operated system that’s controlled remotely will require extra staff preparation.

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