Guide to Hotel VanitiesThe majority of hotel guests don’t know what FF&E stands for, much less understand how it functions in the bath space.

Though your guests might not understand how valuable FF&E is to their entire hotel stay, you certainly should. With guest bathroom products such as hotel vanities, wet bars or millwork, preparation is everything. Proper planning and follow-through are necessary to help you avoid issues.

Consider the tips we present here for an easy delivery with minimal impact to your new construction or renovation schedule.

What You Need to Know About Vanities

1. Choose One Vendor

Always select your FF&E stone top and vanity bases from the same vendor to avoid the risk of sizing discrepancies. Working with a single vendor will ensure the vanity tops and bases fit correctly upon installation.

2. Field Measure Every Room Type

Rooms are rarely the same size, especially in a property renovation. You must field measure each room type to guarantee a true fit for all guest bathrooms.

3. Understand Wall-to-Wall vs. Freestanding

While most properties feature wall-to-wall vanities, certain brands may select freestanding furniture pieces. Note that every freestanding vanity must have a 2” overhang on each side of the vanity top.

4. Secure Shop Drawings

Before going to production, your vendor will prepare a shop drawing to approve the dimensions of each top and base. Make sure your installation team verifies all shop drawings to ensure all vanity pieces fit properly.

5. Send Spec Sheets

If you are purchasing the sink and faucet fixtures for your vanities, send the specification sheets to the vanity vendor as well. Much like shop drawings, spec sheets will make certain the hole cutouts are placed in the vanity top precisely.

We’re Here to Help

Innvision Hospitality assists hoteliers with all aspects of a new build or renovation project, including the logistics and installation of hotel vanities. To find out how our design-driven purchasing solutions can help your hotel succeed, please contact us on our website or call us at (888) 875-6202.