Hotel Upholstered Seating FF&E

Though upholstery is a common feature in all hotels, much more goes into choosing the correct seating for your property than just the furniture’s appearance. Here’s what you’ll need to consider during the purchasing process:

1. Making It Last

Hotel seating sees higher traffic than any other piece of furniture, so it’s essential to select materials that will go the distance without changing shape, comfort, and functionality. You’ll want to choose a high-density foam to prevent sagging over time so your seats stay true to what they looked like on installation day.

Regarding fabric choice, you must consider the double rub count, which is the number of times a material can handle abrasion before it begins to wear down. The industry standard for seating fabric is around 50,000 double rubs. In some cases, a manufacturer will list the material as “able to withhold 50,000 double rubs or above,” which means they’ve only tested for up to 50,000 double rubs, but the fabric very well may be able to withstand more than that. 

2. Seating for Different Areas

With so many options for upholstered seating, you’ll want to consider the space your guests will be sitting in when making material choices. The type of environment you would like to provide (i.e. welcoming, quick turnaround, lounge or dining) will determine how plush or firm the seating should be.

Booths and other upholstered seating in dining and bar areas will also need to have stain-resistant fabric treatments and a moisture barrier to solve for inevitable spills. For outdoor upholstery, you’ll need to consider both fabric and structure. It’s important to choose a weather-proof material to withstand the elements, as well as confirm the seating is correctly weighted so that it doesn’t blow away in the event of high winds.

3. Staying On Schedule

Though most upholstered seating manufacturers offer standard finishes, many buyers instead use Customer’s Own Material (COM) or Custom Ordered Leather (COL). Although COM increases lead times, it allows hotel owners to choose from a much wider selection of upholstery options. If the selected fabric is imported or out of stock, you could see a 12-16 week lead time on textile alone. It’s imperative to consider the extended amount of time it takes to produce quality upholstery before planning for its arrival and installation.

4. Dual Functionality

Your furniture choice is crucial in defining the function of a space. It’s becoming more common for furniture to support multiple needs for guests, particularly in public areas. Of course, your lounge chairs and other seating should be comfortable enough for guests to relax, but it should also provide the opportunity to be productive.

Electrical wiring and outlets are increasingly present in soft seating so guests can power their electronic devices conveniently. To make this work, power outlets in the floor or walls should be in close proximity to the furniture piece. General contractors or electricians should collaborate with architects and designers to ensure power is accessible to soft seating.

5. Maintaining Quality

You may not be able to control how guests treat your furniture, but guaranteeing your staff takes proper care of the upholstery is critical to the lifespan of your pieces. Once purchased, your procurement consultant will provide guidelines on how to care for your seating.

Maintaining the quality of your furnishings will depend on the manufacturer and materials used: some fabrics can withstand being cleaned with bleach, while others must be treated with soap and water. Always communicate the seriousness of following the manufacturer’s guidelines to the housekeeping staff and make certain they know how to care for each piece of furniture.

The Benefits of a Procurement Provider

By working with an FF&E procurement provider, you can establish that you’re getting the right upholstery for your property’s specific needs. Professional procurement experts have a list of trusted manufacturers they routinely work with, so you can rest assured you’ll receive the quality upholstered seating pieces your project needs.  Your provider should also work with you throughout all aspects of the project.

At Innvision Hospitality, we guide you every step of the way. Our FF&E specialists will apply technical knowledge and brand expertise to advise you on the best upholstered seating options for your property. If you’d like to find out more, please reach out online or call 888-875-6202 to speak with us directly.