Everything You Need to Know About the Top of Bed

Gone are the days of flowy bed skirts and floral coverlets. Today, the top of bed plays a major role in the overall design concept for a hotel.

Before, the bed was just one of many pieces that tied a room together; now, it’s a focal point. Hoteliers are investing in better quality beds to make sure that every part of the top of a bed mattress accentuates the overall room design.

What You Need to Know About Top of Bed

To make sure your guest room beds are as inviting as possible, consider the following tips.

1. First Impressions Matter

The top of bed is one of the very first impressions your guest room can make. A pleasant, clean appearance is crucial. With the rising popularity of hotels with “home away from home” design, brands are looking for ways to add a touch of warmth to their beds. Typically, this is accomplished through different quilting options that look like a duvet without the inconvenience of an insert. Quilted bedding offers a residential feel with commercial laundering capabilities.

2. Fabric Choices Are Essential

Fabric and materials deserve thoughtful consideration. From linens to decorative pillows, everything should be washable and promote wellness. Of course, the material you select must be launderable and able keep its shape, but it should also help ensure a cleaner night’s sleep. Anti-microbial fabric reduces bacteria and fights microbes as guests sleep.

3. Effortlessness is ‘In’

Another high priority for hospitality staff is ease of making the bed. Having a beautiful bed is one thing, but operational efficiency is just as important as visual appeal. For a bed that looks perfect with little effort, switch out bed skirts with bed wraps. The contemporary solution hugs the box spring so staff doesn’t have to unmake the bed. Bed wraps are an economical alternative to skirting, as they require less yardage to make and take less time to replace.

4. Texture Makes Things Interesting

With the latest hotel technology advancements, manufacturers are now offering digitally printed top sheets, which add a layer of dimension to traditionally white beds. Some suppliers are also able to print bed scarves in lieu of coverlets, so there is no need for a separate item. Bed scarves can be printed head to toe and offer a budget-friendly way to add a pop of color to your hotel bedding.

5. Brand Standards Determine Everything

Top of bed is often brand-driven, and in some cases your only choices are sold by the brand. So whether your brand or your hospitality designer is selecting the bedding options, the final look is always determined by the brand.

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