fitness centers and equipment for hotels

Recently there’s been a shift in the hospitality industry towards placing a higher focus on health and wellness offerings, with some hoteliers even giving up room keys in favor of providing an elevated fitness experience for guests.

As wellness travelers grow in number, modern, well-designed fitness centers are an essential aspect of the guest experience.

FF&E Tips

Here are the top items to consider when procuring fixtures and equipment for your hotel gym:

Brand Specifications

Every brand is different when it comes to fitness center design, so it’s crucial to look at the specs for your property to make sure the design and FF&E are satisfactory. Most brands provide minimum equipment requirements that you can use as a guide to avoid selecting any items that don’t meet brand standards.

Equipment Needs

Items such as treadmills, bikes, elliptical machines, and weights are the core of every hotel gym. You must include this equipment to provide guests with proper exercise options, even if your property is a smaller hotel. Besides these essentials, many properties are now placing a larger assortment of workout items in fitness centers, such as high-intensity equipment and battle ropes.

Technology Upgrade

While wall-mounted televisions used to be the standard in a fitness facility, these days smaller displays come built into the equipment. These stand-alone TVs allow guests to choose their entertainment instead of being stuck on one channel. Some hotels even employ machines designed to match the speed and intensity of workout videos integrated with the equipment, mimicking the effect of a personal trainer.

Specialized Installation

When it comes to installation, you’ll want to trust an expert installation team instead of outsourcing to a general contractor. Many exercise equipment vendors provide delivery and installation so that you can sidestep any safety hazards or additional fees resulting from a subpar install. These specialists are familiar with the products and understand how to handle and install sensitive equipment.

Above & Beyond

Providing a first-rate fitness experience extends beyond just the gym itself. Luxury properties also include locker rooms and saunas that guests can utilize before and after exercising. Keep in mind that additional wellness facilities are a significant selling point for health-focused travelers.

Designing the perfect hotel fitness center requires careful planning and attention to detail. The needs of your facility will differ depending upon your hotel brand affiliation, target market, and service level. Our FF&E specialists will consider each of these factors as we assist with your fitness center design. Reach out to Innvision Hospitality today  and let us do the heavy lifting to help you create a hotel gym that is right on target!