What to Know About Hospitality Case Goods

Case goods play a vital role in the functionality of your property. From bedside tables to desks and other furniture, hotel case goods are integral to your guests’ comfort and convenience.

5 Things You Need to Know About Case Goods

1. Brand-specified Materials

When choosing your materials, it’s important to keep brand requirements in mind. Whether you’re working with a luxury property or a select-service hotel, there are options for every budget:

Wood Veneer

Solid wood is a classic choice for all furniture. Its simplicity never goes out of style and allows for a variety of other decor variations without worry of them clashing. Certain properties utilize wood veneer, a high-quality material that gives the same appearance as solid wood with scratch-resistant tops that allow for easy repairs.

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)

High-pressure laminate is a classy, sturdy alternative to plastic. Made from four layers of paper attached to different substrates, HPL can successfully mimic finishes such as marble for designs that are both durable and alluring. The long-lasting material is a favorite among hoteliers and procurement experts alike.

Thermally-Fused Laminate (TFL)

A more cost-efficient option, TFL (or melamine), uses thermally heated paper to provide a wood stained appearance. The thermally-fused laminate is similar to high-pressure laminate in that it has the same substrate, but differs from HPL as it only has one layer with a finish that’s more susceptible to wear and tear. This choice is popular for developers with underfunded budgets. 

2. Guest Rooms vs. Public Spaces

In most cases, guest rooms are strictly limited to brand-specified case goods without much customization room to room. However, public spaces tend to have more diverse options for case good design, with cocktail tables, couches, community tables and more. Depending on your brand, the public space is an opportunity to express your own style as well as the brand’s.

3. Manufacturer Warranties

With guests and staff coming and going on a daily basis, damage is bound to happen. While they don’t protect from wear and tear, warranties help cover product defects to ensure the best possible longevity. The standard rule of thumb for warranty against manufacturer defects is five years, so don’t settle for less. Working with seasoned case goods and installation professionals who are familiar with the products and their warranties is the best way to guarantee you’re receiving quality, cost-effective solutions.

4. Product Lead Times

Both domestically produced and imported goods offer quality products. Your decision more heavily affects your schedule than the desired look and feel. Lead times differ depending on which route you choose; domestic case goods often arrive within 8-10 weeks while imports take upwards of 12-14 weeks.

Professional installers are familiar with the different factors that may affect standard delivery times, such as the Chinese New Year, particularly when it comes to imported case goods.

5. User-friendly Drawers

You must pay attention to industry standards to ensure the durability of your drawers and other case good products. For example, a drawer is less likely to function long-term with anything less than 75-lb drawer glides to hold them up. Dovetail corners are preferred to ‘screwed and glued’ drawers for both sturdiness and aesthetic appeal.

Innvision Hospitality is Here to Help

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