What to Expect from FF&E Procurement by Innvision Hospitality

There’s a lot that goes into furnishing a hotel, no matter what the size or type of property it is. Therefore, hoteliers who educate themselves on the hospitality FF&E process are better prepared for what’s ahead, know what to expect, and have the best chance that their new construction or hotel renovation will go according to plan:

It Takes a Village

When tackling a hotel’s new build or renovation, there are far more people involved than just the hotelier and their procurement provider.

Completing a successful hotel FF&E project  is very much a team effort. Hospitality projects are a collaboration between ownership and operations, architects, general contractors, and of course, the FF&E provider. Understanding the integration of each role is essential so that all four components can work together and stay on the same page throughout the project.

Advanced Planning

One of the best things you can do to help your FF&E projects go smoothly is to bring on a procurement specialist as early in the process as possible. In the planning stage, a provider will assist with many items, including:

  • Property Improvement Plans (PIPs) – If you’re undergoing a PIP, very early on you will want to determine scope and who will help you with which items so your provider has enough time to target the right products and vendors and gather all necessary pricing.
  • Purchase Orders (POs) – The sooner your purchase orders go out, the better, since with long production lead times for many products, waiting until the last minute to place POs will likely cause project delays.
  • Receiving Product – Making sure everything is in place for when your FF&E items arrive is an important planning step. This involves making arrangements for storage (if needed) and considering what tools are needed after product delivery.

Learn more about the benefits of working with an FF&E provider in our blog: What Does an FF&E Procurement Provider Do?

Constant Communication

Your procurement specialist should remain in frequent contact with vendors, getting updates on production and proactively verifying that everything stays on track. For example, you may receive a weekly logistics report so you’re aware of timelines and the overall project status.

Note that if there is a change in your project schedule, such as if your general contractor experiences a delay, your relaying this information immediately to your FF&E provider can help them determine a solution that will minimize costs and disruption. A procurement provider can only respond and take corrective measures without additional expense and delay if there is enough notice. In the same vein, it is a good practice to alert your procurement provider of any product damages as soon as you notice them to resolve the issue quickly.

We encourage good communication with your procurement partner on every change, no matter how minor it may seem, since with many shipments converging on your property, complexity is high and there can be a domino or multiplier effect, resulting in problems elsewhere.

With so many components that add up to a successful FF&E project, a procurement provider is an invaluable asset to ensuring everything goes smoothly and that your hotel opens on time. Contact Innvision Hospitality to begin the procurement process for your new build or renovation today!