In these everchanging and uncertain times, hotel FF&E manufacturers are forced to think differently about the way they conduct business. Paul Lueken of Huntingburg, Indiana-based Dubois Wood Products, a longstanding producer of 100% American-made case goods for the lodging industry and preferred vendor of Innvision, recognizes that opportunity can come knocking as a disaster. Paul and his team have viewed the pandemic as such an opportunity and its unexpected challenges.

Focus On Execution & Clients

Because of the pandemic, Dubois has spent the last six months aggressively honing its strengths and evaluating suppliers to ensure reliability at the most competitive prices possible. They’ve streamlined operational processes to become leaner and more efficient.

They believe they have gained a competitive edge that puts Dubois at the top of their market. Their efforts have allowed them to confidently continue dependable and long-term client relationships despite unprecedented times, and they’ve come to appreciate their clients more than ever.

Adapt & Evolve

Like many manufacturers, Dubois always calm and collected for their clients and had to make quick adjustments behind-the-scenes. For example, prioritizing team safety, they redesigned their large facility to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

The team came together to make this happen because everyone wanted to be a part of the solution. They figured out a way to adapt their furniture plant to the new realities of COVID-19 while not hindering their production capabilities. Furthermore, these thoughtful modifications will now become permanent.

Paul says that in times of crisis, “You find the greatest strength in your faith, friends and family,” and we couldn’t agree more. This perseverance is why, at Innvision Hospitality, we’re proud to work with vendors who think differently and evolve with the times like Dubois Wood Products.

If you’re ready to see how Innvision can revamp your property, contact us today, and we’ll get the best team together to realize your vision.