Any update to your hotel will require careful planning, but a property improvement plan (PIP) involves additional phases on top of a standard hotel renovation. The best way to make sure your PIP goes smoothly is to know what steps take place so you can prepare. In this infographic, we outline the FF&E procurement stages of a property improvement plan:


Reviewing Documentation

Before you can implement your PIP, you first need to understand all of its requirements and specifications. Carefully reading the property improvement plan will help you determine which FF&E items you must update and how much time you have to complete the refresh.

In addition to examining your PIP, you must also submit floor plan documents to the project team. With access to these drawings, including all different room layouts, your team can account for the hotel architecture when scoping out the project.

Meeting with Your Team

Communication is an essential component of any hotel renovation, so it’s vital for everyone to meet in the beginning phases to make sure they are all on the same page. This includes the hotel owner, procurement provider, designer, architect, contractors, installers, and site superintendent.

During the project kickoff, plan to share various documents relevant to your PIP with the entire project team. At this time, you and the team should establish roles and responsibilities to eliminate any possible confusion or duplication of effort.

Creating a Project Timeline

Once everyone is familiar with the PIP specifications, brand requirements, hotel layout, and responsibility matrix, it’s time to create a timeline plan for each phase of the updates. You will discuss details such as order placement, receiving shipments and FF&E installation within the PIP deadline.

This timeline will take into consideration which rooms and areas of the property to work on first and when to submit to the brand for approval by the appropriate date to remain on task. The project timeline planning will also include a discussion about lead times to ensure that all FF&E will arrive when needed.

Implementing Your PIP

Once the timeline is in place and team responsibilities are clear, property updates will begin. First, your design and procurement provider will conduct an on-site walkthrough of your hotel to experience the layout in person and take measurements to verify that all details and specs are listed accurately.

Usually your provider will make another on-site visit during the project to evaluate progress and guarantee that the project is on the right track.

NOTE: Throughout the entire process, frequent communication between all project team members is necessary so that everyone is aware of any setbacks that occur and the whole project status. In some cases, your procurement partner may make a final visit at the end of the project to complete a punch-out list and resolve any potential problems such as missing or damaged FF&E products.

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