hotel furniture procurement guide

Whether you’re replacing a few items in your hotel or refurbishing your property entirely, furniture selections have a significant impact on both operations and guest satisfaction. Unfortunately, making the right procurement decisions is a bit more complicated than just picking out the first product you see. 

Keep these factors in mind when selecting hotel furniture to help you make smart choices:

Be Vigilant in Vendor Choices

Not all manufacturers are created equal, so do thorough research on a vendor before placing FF&E orders with them. Look into a company’s financial stability and brand experience to determine whether they are a good fit. 

A vendor’s level of customer service is another crucial factor to consider. With large hotel projects, damages and lost items are not an uncommon occurrence. You’ll want to be sure that a manufacturer is easily accessible and swift in correcting any potential setbacks. 

Even if a vendor is of high quality, they may not be a match for your hotel project’s needs. For example, hotel renovations might require deliveries in phases, and not all manufacturers can accommodate this. Check a vendor’s services to ensure they meet the specific necessities of your project.

Placement is Pertinent

Different areas of your hotel will have different FF&E needs in terms of their function, design, and durability. Furniture in public spaces is more prone to wear and tear, so selecting products that will last is non-negotiable, whereas guestroom furniture offers more leeway in material selections. 

The conditions of the rooms in which you place your furniture impact material and finish choices, as well. For example, casegoods in bathrooms or areas that are prone to spillage should be able to withstand contact with water and other liquids. 

It should go without saying that FF&E for outdoor areas of your hotel is a whole other ballgame. With outdoor furniture, you will need to consider your location’s climate and what elements may come into play so that you choose FF&E with weather and durability in mind.

Utilize Insights from Industry Experts

No matter the scope of your hotel project, partnering with an established procurement provider will streamline the purchasing process and ensure you make the right call on furniture selections. Before placing your POs, a designer should draw chosen FF&E items into your floor plans to guarantee proper fit and finish. Adjustments in your architecture or product selections themselves may be needed so that everything functions properly and maintains ADA compliance. 

By working with a procurement company, you’ll also benefit from their vendor relationships. Long-standing procurement experts have plenty of experience with manufacturers, so they know which vendors follow through on quality products and services. They will use their reliable vendor list to make sure you get a high level of service and receive your FF&E at the best price point.

Innvision Hospitality has been providing hoteliers with exceptional design and procurement for over 15 years. Our end-to-end services address every project need, from guidance in furniture selections to overseeing deliveries and proper installation. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your hotel!