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As one of the final phases of any FF&E installation, receiving window treatments involves extensive up-front planning.

The Window Treatment Process

In addition to the optimal FF&E receiving sequence (Unload, Inspect, Stage, Distribute and Install), the window treatment process requires pre-measuring each individual window to correctly identify how much fabric yardage is required for each window, minimizing errors in this very specific phase of the project.

Two major factors may impact your window treatment receiving and installation schedule:

  1. Construction delays, such as not having the hotel ready for pre-measure or install. In the event of a delay, you must communicate with the window treatment vendor and understand production lead times.
  2. Fabric delays due to certain fabric orders with lengthy lead times. To avoid delays, determine the lead times for your fabric and place these orders early in the project.

Window Treatment: New Construction vs. Renovation


  • New Construction
    To determine the latest allowable date to pre-measure on a new construction project, you must subtract the longest production lead time from the install date and add one week for shipment transit time. To avoid the cost of additional trips, confirm hotel readiness with your general contractor, ensuring all guest rooms and public areas are ready to measure. Note: The first floor is the last to be completed.
  • Renovation
    Pre-measurement occurs in the earliest stages of a renovation project. Since the property is already open and operational, this allows your team to measure each window with minimal disruption to guest experience.


  • New Construction
    With new construction, you must confirm all hotel areas are ready prior to the window treatment installation. To maximize cost-effectiveness, new construction projects should be installed in one trip.
  • Renovation
    Determine your earliest possible installation date for a renovation project by adding the production lead time plus one week transit time. All product should be produced at once and can either be shipped all together upfront or by phase. This should be confirmed with the vendor.Renovation projects may require multiple trips and need to be coordinated with the construction schedule. You will be charged for the complete installation and for each trip.  When possible, a floor at a time or 25-30 rooms per trip is average.

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