How to Receive Art & MirrorsThis article is the fourth installment in our blog series on Receiving Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment. To catch up on past articles in this series, read:

Because art and mirrors are hangable items, they are typically among the first FF&E products delivered on a project.When planning to receive art and mirror products, consider the following:

Quick Tips for Receiving Art & Mirrors

  • When estimating lead times, keep the approval period in mind.
    Most art and mirror manufacturers require sign-off approval before production. This is especially true for custom orders. Your lead times will start from the approval date, not the purchase order date.
  • Back-lit vanity mirrors may be hardwired or plug-in.
    If hardwired, coordinate delivery with the general contractor; if plug-in, schedule delivery to coincide with guest room art installation.
  • Provide elevation drawings to your installer early in the planning process.
    Your installer will require elevation drawings to understand where to install each piece of art and each mirror. Providing this information early on will speed up the installation process once the product arrives.
  • Know where electrical outlets and switches are located.
    The last thing you need to discover when installing artwork and mirrors is that a switch or outlet is in the wrong location. Cross-reference the property’s electrical plan with elevation drawings to ensure you are aware of outlet and switch locations. Before the drywall phase, walk the property in the event you need to move an outlet or switch.

Note: For easy transport, art and mirror products are typically packed in boxes or wooden crates mounted to pallets. In certain cases, mirrors may be shipped on wooden A-frame pallets, but the product itself will be corner-guarded in bubble wrap.

Receiving Art & Mirrors: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Locate mounting hardware right away.

Mounting hardware may be shipped separately or within one of the crates. It will be marked with red tape or a red banner on that specific box. When receiving art and mirrors, you should locate the hardware immediately to confirm you have sufficient hardware to complete the installation and to avoid accidentally throwing it out.

2. Inspect all boxes and crates for any potential damages or count discrepancies.

Depending on the manufacturer, boxes and crates are numbered to easily identify damages or count discrepancies and can be cross-referenced to the packing list. In the event damages are discovered, take pictures to document the issues. Be sure to report all issues immediately.

3. Stage, distribute and install.

After inspecting and documenting any potential product damages, complete the optimal receipt sequence. Set the product in an organized area, deliver each item to the appropriate location and finally, install the Art and Mirrors.

Stay tuned for more in our “Tips for Receiving FF&E” blog series to know the right questions to ask of your procurement, logistics, installation, and GC partners to ensure your hotel project goes smoothly! Next up: lighting.

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