What is FF&E purchasing logistics?

You can select all the right products and implement a beautiful design scheme for your hotel, but if your FF&E items arrive too early or worse, too late, your project will be subject to costly storage or delays. By working with an end-to-end procurement provider, you can trust their purchasing logistics expertise so you can avoid the dangers of a disorderly project.

In tandem with project management, the purchasing logistics effort keeps FF&E projects moving forward, verifying the accuracy and quality of each delivery to help your property open on time.

Purchasing Logistics Definition

Put simply, purchasing logistics for hotel FF&E projects is the strategic coordination of product deliveries. A logistics team works with the chosen vendors soon after placing purchase orders and throughout the project to ensure that they send FF&E items in the correct sequence and according to schedule. Some procurement providers even assign a dedicated logistics coordinator to handle all transportation requirements for a single hotel project. Logistics coordinators share delivery reports covering everything from estimates and lead times to in-transit tracking. Such reports often include daily updates so that hoteliers can access product shipping and delivery information in real time.

What FF&E Purchasing Logistics Includes

When you need essential information about shipments, you can turn to your logistics team. They should know the status of your product within the supply chain – on the boat, in port, or moving by truck – and offer updates in terms you can understand. Before tracking FF&E items and providing detailed delivery reports, logistics coordinators will route shipments with selected carriers while making sure your freight rates are competitive. If you experience a problem with your purchase order, they will work to solve any delivery problems quickly. Purchasing logistics also handles damages and warranties for FF&E items, filing claims when necessary.

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What to Consider About Purchasing Logistics

Not all FF&E logistics services are comprehensive, so be sure to do your research to guarantee you make the best choice.

Before you select a provider, ask the following questions:

  • What is your logistical process like?
  • How do you manage orders?
  • Can you provide examples of your delivery reporting?
  • What do you do if items are damaged during shipment?
  • Will you have a support coordinator for logistics?
  • How regularly do you communicate with clients?

While Innvision Hospitality includes a damages and claims department in our procurement logistics services, this is not always the norm. The best way to find out if a logistics team is a good fit for your needs is to request delivery report samples and ask if they will assign a dedicated coordinator to your project.

Purchasing logistics is essential to the success of any hotel project. Innvision Hospitality takes special care to guarantee your deliveries go smoothly and solve for any unexpected complications that may arise so that your hotel opens on schedule. Contact us today to learn more about our all-encompassing services!