Public Space Design by Innvision Hospitality and ID Studio

As the first thing your guests see when they enter your property, public spaces are one of the most critical aspects of your hotel’s overall design. The public area must convey a sense of warmth and welcome from the moment travelers step inside.

4 Things You Need to Know Before Designing Public Spaces

Both aesthetics and functionality are essential to the success of your public space. Use these guidelines for open areas that check all your guests’ boxes.

1. The Cost of A “Good Deal”

The larger a space is, the more tempting it may be to cut corners on design. However, Benjamin Franklin stated it best, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

Though you’ll want to prioritize quality products rather than going for the cheapest option, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any options for reducing overall costs. Bringing on a design and procurement company with strong vendor relationships and industry knowledge can make certain your project stays on budget, among many other benefits.

2. Operational Efficiency Starts with Design

Outside of incorporating thoughtful design and selecting the appropriate furnishings, the number one thing you can do to maintain a functional public space is consider staff needs.

While not a conventional design step, working to understand exactly what your property requires to operate efficiently is crucial to provide functionality for guests and staff alike. To start, you’ll want to engage with the heads of staff for F&B, Event Planning/Sales, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Engineering, and Management to name a few. You can’t satisfy guests if your hotel staff can’t perform at peak productivity.

When designing for your staff’s operational requirements, it’s wise to scrutinize any past functional issues and take a look at all aspects of your hotel’s service to solve for any potential future problems.

3. The Public Space is the Guest Space

Depending on your chosen brand, your property may have ‘zone specific’ criteria to follow in design. That said, the change to the public space is shifting into flexible areas that meet every guest need.

Each guest will have a different idea of what constitutes an inviting public area, so you’ll want to ensure your space is adaptive. To accommodate for this, public space seating options are moving to modular seats that guests can reconfigure into whatever arrangement suits their needs. Providing plenty of accessible charging stations is another essential aspect of public space design.

Providing the right amenities makes a big difference in your guest’s experience. A beverage bar or coffee lounge paired with complimentary snacks or a nearby dining option will keep guests energized as they complete their tasks.

4. Know Your Market

Today, hotel brands drive the competitive set for both public and guest spaces. As a result, it’s more important than ever to do thorough research on your location and recent market trends, so you know and understand your unique selling point.

A good design partner will do more than select products, assisting in market research and utilizing their own hospitality knowledge to provide that your hotel offers a singular experience that doesn’t blend in with the nearby properties.

Another aspect to consider is your property’s historical and visual surroundings. By taking local inspiration, you can incorporate design choices that reflect the surrounding area and create a seamless guest experience.

Creating a Successful Public Space with Innvision Hospitality

Outside of implementing everything outlined above, the key to an outstanding space lies within a team of industry experts that work closely together in all aspects of your design.

One of our core values at Innvision Hospitality is inspiring client loyalty. We maintain constant communication during a project’s development to keep everyone on the same page regarding deadlines, scope, budget, and expectations.

We’re with you throughout the entire renovation/new construction process, from inception all the way to installation. To find out how our procurement and design solutions can help your hotel succeed, please contact us on our website or call us at (888) 875-6202.