What is FF&E project management?Countless aspects go into a prosperous hotel renovation or new build, so keeping everything in check with an end-to-end procurement project is essential to confirm that you meet deadlines and implement your property vision as planned.

Project Management Definition

In hospitality FF&E, project management covers the entire project from the beginning stages of quoting all the way through to the releasing of purchase orders. Excellent project management is much more than delivering everything within your budget, scope, and timeline; it will establish a plan for success, empower you and your project team, and make sure everyone agrees on what’s needed to stay on track.

What FF&E Project Management Includes

After receiving detailed information about a new construction or hotel renovation, project managers determine a scope of work. A PM will leverage extensive vendor and brand knowledge to put together an effective project proposal. Your project managers are in constant communication with all involved parties of a project, keeping everyone on the same page and making sure the process moves along smoothly and according to schedule even if any revisions or challenges arise.

What to Consider About Project Management

Whether you’re breaking ground on a new build or are taking the first steps for a PIP, communication is crucial for overall success. If you want a comprehensive proposal, you will need to provide your project management team with the following information:

  • Budget
  • Building plans (drawings, room types)
  • Construction deadlines and time-frame
  • Design selections or scheme
  • Scope of work

Note: The above details are also necessary if your FF&E project requires a brand submittal.

Always be clear about your project requirements and expectations, and report on timeline changes and construction status often so the project manager can keep the FF&E procurement process moving along cohesively with your time frame.

The expert project management team at Innvision Hospitality is here to guarantee everything goes according to plan. Contact us today to start your FF&E project on the right track!