Pet-Friendly Hotel DesignWhether guests are evacuating from a natural disaster and need to bring their pets with them or they just want to bring their furry companion along on vacation, there is a high demand for pet-friendly hotels. While providing the option for guests to travel with their animals can be a huge draw, hoteliers must plan accordingly to design a property that’s comfortable for all guest types (whether they have two legs or more!), yet still clean and functional for hotel operations.

Select the Right Materials

Furry friends will track in dirt and have the occasional accident, so choosing materials that can withstand the additional marring is essential to the cleanliness and aesthetics of your property. Luxury vinyl tile is a good option for flooring as it allows for easy cleaning and can handle harsh chemicals required in the case of soiling. Of course, certain areas of your hotel such as the corridor will need carpeting. Your best bet is to select elaborate patterns with a dark carpet base that can better hide dirt and stains. We also recommend Sound Moisture Guard (SMG) carpet padding for pet-friendly hotels.

You’ll need to consider more than flooring in your material choices, though. Hospitality furniture is already built to endure wear and tear, but hotels that welcome pets should carefully select window treatments in these room types. We suggest half length drapery rather than full length so that it isn’t as easily accessible for dogs or cats that like to chew. As far as upholstery fabrics, you’ll want to avoid light colors so fur and potential accident stains will be less visible.

Mind the Space Planning

It’s essential to provide designated areas for your guests’ pet needs, particularly in the outdoor portions of your hotel. A spacious grassy area is a necessity so that pets can be walked and take care of business. Make sure you include plenty of pick-up stations so your outdoor areas stay clean. It’s best not to place these spaces near your hotel entry, as the view of an animal going to the bathroom isn’t exactly welcoming.

Guest rooms that accommodate pets should always be on the ground floor and close to an exit. The fewer areas that animals travel through in your hotel, the cleaner your property will be. Placing pet-friendly rooms on the ground level also makes it more convenient for your guests to walk their animals.

Go the Extra Mile

While the following amenities aren’t essential to the function of an animal-loving hotel, we recommend you try to incorporate one or more of these offerings to differentiate your property and leave a lasting impression on guests:

  • Make pets and owners feel welcome from the start by placing a jar of dog treats at your front desk.
  • Provide in-room amenities such as pet mats, food and water bowls, and wall hooks for leashes.
  • Stock your lobby with pet accessories like leashes and toys for guests who may have forgotten these items.

Even if your property only features a handful of pet-friendly guest rooms, allowing animals to stay at your hotel will affect your design choices overall. If you want to make sure your pet-friendly hotel is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, contact the design and procurement specialists at Innvision Hospitality today!