Before designing your hotel’s outdoor areas, remember outdoor space design is just as important to the guest experience as the indoor elements. Just because outside areas are not in constant use like other parts of your hotel, that doesn’t mean they don’t add to your property’s overall experience. From creating a space that is comfortable for guests year-round to guaranteeing your FF&E items can withstand natural elements, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to designing your property’s outdoor spaces.

3 Things to Know About Hospitality Design for Outdoor Areas

We spoke with the designers at Innvision Design Studio to find out the essential factors hoteliers should keep in mind before designing outdoor areas for a hotel:

1. Weather the Storm

Depending on your geographical location, your property must endure weather conditions such as heavy rain, high winds, and/or snow and ice. The materials you select for outdoor FF&E products are especially important to make sure the items are durable enough to stay intact despite the elements.

Furniture and equipment must be heavy and stable so it isn’t at risk of being blown about on windy days. For waterproof furniture, choose fabrics that are mold and mildew resistant with a UV stabilizer. To keep seating dry for guests, procure cushions with flow-through foam (or outdoor foam) so that when the water hits, it goes straight through the fabric and foam rather than soaking up in the upholstery.

2. Fun for All Seasons

Whatever the weather, hotel guests will always make use of an outdoor area if only to enjoy the fresh air. A courtyard or rooftop that is only usable during warm, perfect weather is a waste of your property’s space.

For rainy days, incorporate outdoor elements such as umbrellas, a covered area, or a cabana where guests can escape and stay dry. A colder climate requires certain  FF&E pieces such as a fire pit or heat lamps to guarantee your guests will remain comfortable in outdoor spaces throughout the winter. If you want to go the extra mile, Galanter & Jones’ heated furniture pieces help keep snow off the fabric, so the seating stays warm.

3. A Sight to Behold

While framed art pieces aren’t really an option for outdoor spaces, there are still plenty of ways to add visual interest to your outdoor areas. Large 3D metal sculptures or driftwood pieces are sturdy enough to withstand inclement weather and make a bold statement so you won’t have to worry about including too many other decorative elements.

Hotel lighting also provides an opportunity to create the right ambience on rooftops, patios or courtyards:

  • Small table lamps with unique shapes and sizes or funky floor lamps will not only help light up your spaces come nightfall, but also add to your space’s aesthetic.
  • Twinkling string lights are an understated and delicate addition to your outdoor areas that pack a significant punch.
  • Furniture lighting fixtures enable you to install light features directly into furniture pieces for a simple yet stand-out lighting experience.

A common mistake in any hotel design is treating outdoor elements as an afterthought. Whether your property has a simple patio or features areas such as a rooftop bar and pool, it’s essential that you carefully consider all design and operational aspects, both indoor and outdoor.

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