tech-friendly hotels

Times they are a-changin’, and much of these changes are thanks to technology.

With the emergence of the millennial traveler, ensuring your property is tech-friendly is essential to keep guests satisfied. From charging stations to smart technology, tech is affecting hotel FF&E in a big way:

Convenient Charging

Whether it’s tablets, phones, laptops, or something else entirely, today’s guests need the ability to stay plugged in at all times. While wall outlets were once sufficient, incorporating convenient electrical outlets and USB ports in FF&E case good pieces such as communal tables has become the expected norm.

The demand for a quick and convenient power source has resulted in brands, hoteliers and designers providing charging ports embedded directly in the upholstered seating, as well as in movable ottoman/bench seating so that guests can lounge as they work and “pull-up” to a group while still being plugged-in. Certain furniture, fixtures, and equipment are making use of technological advances, eliminating outlets in favor of surfaces with built-in chargers that guests can use by simply placing their devices on the station.

Power Up in Style

Hardware for power grommets is always evolving to be more sleek, small and design-oriented to better coordinate and integrate with limited spaces and adjacent finishes. Cordless hardware, like the ottomans noted in the above section, can be charged to run 18-24 hours to offer the most flexibility in furniture layout, location, and guest use.

Self-Service Options

Many hotels are letting guests call the shots straight from their cell phones or tablets. Smart technology allows guests to adjust settings such as the guest room’s lighting and temperature from their personal devices. Even the traditional keycard is getting an update, with apps that let guests unlock their door via smartphone.

For services and amenities that one can’t access from a personal device, innovative hotel properties are providing touchscreen tablets in the rooms so guests can request room service and other items without having to dial the front desk. Some properties and brands are beginning to “employ” a concierge robot that can deliver miscellaneous amenities and F&B items straight to guest rooms.

Technology in hotels has come a long way in even the last decade, so it’s impossible to tell what the future holds for tech in the hospitality industry. What is for sure, though, is that if a property doesn’t stay up to date, it will soon get left behind.

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