hotel fitness center design trends

Modern travelers want to maintain a healthy lifestyle during their stay, so it’s essential to provide the right fitness offerings.

In the past, hotel gyms haven’t been given much attention. However, well-equipped fitness centers now have a significant appeal for properties. From amenities to room layouts, hotel gym design is changing in a big way.

Here’s what the designers at Innvision Design Studio have to say about the latest fitness design trends:


Gym facilities have grown larger and more luxurious to accommodate the need for open space and flexibility thanks to new workout types and large equipment. Many fitness centers now incorporate designated zones for specific workouts, such as an area for weightlifting and a separate one for cardio.

The gym location is changing, as well. Traditionally, fitness centers were tucked away in the corners of a hotel or on the bottom level of a property. Hoteliers are now putting gyms in full view. It’s not uncommon for fitness centers to be near the lobby, with some hotels even using glass walls so guests can see the wellness offerings more easily.


Gone are the days of dreary hotel fitness centers with bare walls and laminate flooring. The focus on guest wellness has resulted in gyms with state-of-the-art equipment, upgraded finishes, and more intentional design.

Dual-floor finishes are a popular flooring option to differentiate workout zones. Using a mix of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and rubber materials is your best choice to deliver the sophistication of wood material while still providing cushion flooring that reduces the impact on those exercising.

To create an energetic atmosphere, hotel designers are replacing simple, textured wallcoverings with large, graphic murals for a bold impact. Even ceiling fans are getting an update, with attractive decorative light fixtures that add another element of design to the room.


In addition to putting a broader focus on overall design, hotels are also offering more amenities in their gyms. Previously, towel storage and return may have utilized simple bins, but there is currently a rise in integrated case goods with beautiful wood-like millwork to collect and store such items. Many brands are also opting for individual filtered water hydration units on the gym walls.

Food and Beverage

While vending machines with junk food may have been a mainstay for hotels in the past, properties are now offering healthier options at Grab and Go stations. Restaurant menus, too, have become more accommodating of special dietary restrictions and proper nutrition in general.

Providing the right facilities and amenities to stay fit and healthy is essential for guest comfort. With travelers of all ages focusing more on health and wellness, hotel fitness centers are likely only to get bigger and better as time goes on.

Do you want to ensure your hotel is fit for health-conscious travelers? Innvision Hospitality’s design and procurement services will help you create the perfect fitness center for guests. Contact us today to transform your hotel gym from a simple workout room to an all-encompassing wellness center.