midscale hotel FF&E

Midscale hotel FF&E has come a long way in recent years. With increased competition for lodging guests in this market segment, it is more important than ever for midscale hotels to stand out from the crowd.

Expect to see a rise in these trends for properties that delight guests from all walks of life:

1. Wide Open Spaces

Communal areas now feature open floor plans for optimal flexibility. As open concept design becomes the standard in public spaces, lightweight, easily movable seating is gaining popularity. Fluid “mix and match” style seating options enable guests to create a working space that caters to their exact needs. Open guest areas also provide a new opportunity to mingle and connect with other travelers, whether to work or play.

2. New Age of Travelers

Today, Millennials drive many aspects of midscale properties, both functional and aesthetic.

Traditional schemes are moving to a more youthful design, using vibrant colors, light finishes, and contemporary furniture styles. Eager to appeal to the latest generation of travelers, hoteliers aren’t afraid to take design risks.

The most significant influence the Millennial traveler has had, however, is without a doubt on hotel technology. Midscale case goods, in particular, must support guests’ need to remain “plugged in,” with plenty of outlets and USB power ports available within the pieces.

3. A Local Spin

Local immersion is a beneficial opportunity for midscale hotels to differentiate from other properties. Hospitality design has shifted to highlighting local artists, bringing in pieces from regional art galleries and displaying them on the walls.

With vinyl murals or wallcoverings, properties now feature community maps or local scenery to bring the surrounding atmosphere inside the hotel. Some hotels invite local artists for live performances on designated nights to provide guests with a personalized experience of the city’s culture.

4. Healthy Hotels

Wellness offerings are essential for today’s health-conscious traveler. Well-equipped, easily accessible midscale gyms with state-of-the-art fitness machines are rising in popularity. Wellness is moving beyond fitness centers and into F&B, too. Hotel restaurants are placing healthier menu items for guests with dietary needs to enjoy.

Thanks to technological advances, local immersion, health and wellness amenities, and open concept design, midscale properties are providing guests with a great travel experience for budget-friendly prices.

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