Staying on budget with a procurement consultant

An FF&E procurement provider wears many hats, working with all the involved parties in your renovation or new build project to ensure each step goes smoothly.

One of the biggest benefits of working with a purchasing firm is that they are there for you from the beginning of your project, maintaining constant communication with architects, vendors, and transportation all the way through installation. Some firms, such as Innvision, even spend time at the property at key stages of your project.

How Hiring a Procurement Consultant Helps Stay On Budget

Here are just a few of the ways a professional FF&E procurement provider can help minimize the costs associated with a hospitality project:

Property Layout

When architects draw plans for a hotel, they may not consider FF&E placements and how rooms should function operationally. A procurement provider will review architectural plans with furniture shop drawings before construction begins, examining how the  items will operate within the space.

A design-driven procurement provider will be able to examine the drawings for functionality, as well as electrical needs. By catching any potential issues early, you’ll save money since the construction will be suitable the first time around, rather than having to take corrective action later.


It can be tempting to cut corners when purchasing furniture, fixtures and equipment for your hotel, but cheap goods often cost more in the long run. They can wear out faster, require more maintenance, and possibly take down a room from your inventory if they fail to perform. Professional purchasing companies have strong, ongoing relationships with vendors, providing you with a selection of quality items that meet or exceed brand expectations.

Partnering with a procurement consultant saves valuable time. Not only will a procurement provider be able to deliver high-quality items, but you’ll also gain the added perk of their brand knowledge and expertise to verify the products are the right fit for your hotel’s needs.


Freight costs can be hidden and expensive. In working with a procurement provider to coordinate your project logistics, you can utilize their knowledge of FF&E products and how they ship to get the lowest price point for your shipments. By keeping you aware of freight costs and helping you find the best solution, a provider helps you ultimately save on shipping costs.

Innvision Hospitality assists hoteliers with all aspects of a new construction or renovation project, including logistics and installation. To find out how our FF&E solutions can help your hotel succeed, please contact us on our website or call us at (888) 875-6202.