how to increase the longevity of FF&E

FF&E is an investment, so it only makes sense that hoteliers want their items to last as long as possible. From initial procurement to special add-ons and product maintenance, there are a variety of factors and touchpoints that influence your FF&E’s lifespan. Follow these guidelines to set your hotel necessities up for a long, healthy lifespan.

Material Selections

Your choice in materials has a major impact on the longevity of your hotel items. You’ll want to ensure that all FF&E is of a high enough grade to withstand daily wear and tear while also meeting your brand’s specifications.

Upholstery and Drapery

Though natural fabrics such as cotton may lend an air of luxury to your property, they won’t hold up as well as polyester or other synthetic options. When using polyester products, inquire about extra fabric treatments that manufacturers can apply. There is an added cost during the production process, but the benefits include increased longevity and superior stain resistance. It’s also important to factor in double rubs in your materials selection, or how much friction a fabric can take before it begins to show wear. Choosing fabrics with the highest possible rating on double rubs will give them a longer lifespan.

Current trends from designers and brands alike call for the use of Crypton fabrics in mid- and upper-scale properties. Though Crypton is more expensive, these durable, stain-resistant fabrics’ high performance makes it a better long term investment. 


The most common choices for casegood materials include stainable wood veneers and laminates, each with their respective benefits and drawbacks. Wood veneers, while higher in price, have always been a staple in the hospitality industry. Laminates, on the other hand, are a  stain-resistant alternative which have made great strides in recent years towards mimicking an authentic look thanks to advancements in technology. These lower cost plastic laminates come in thousands of options to emulate the look of your chosen wood and have quickly become a favorite for both designers and brands.

There’s no one right choice for your FF&E materials. It’s best to work with a procurement provider for guidance on which selections are a good fit for your property’s and brand’s particular needs.


Fabric with treatments can greatly expand the lifespan of your FF&E. From increasing double rubs to providing stain resistance, there are a variety of treatments available to suit the demands of each area of your hotel. Not every piece of furniture requires treatment, but certain spaces will need their FF&E to have extra protection from their environments. For example, areas that frequently come into contact with liquids such as restaurants and pools should use a water-resistant treatment on all fabrics. FF&E that often experiences exposure to sunlight will benefit from treatments that prevent bleaching and fading.

Tips for Making FF&E Last for the Long Haul

Follow these best practices to get the most out of your furniture, fixtures, and equipment:


Other factors can affect how well a product seems to endure besides just materials and treatments. Stains and scrapes are much more apparent on completely plain items than on ones with texture and pattern to them. As a rule of thumb, when it comes to hiding damages, the busier the design is, the better it will look as it wears.


Mishandling hotel products can quickly make them ineffective. It’s vital for housekeeping to follow manufacturer guidelines when cleaning FF&E to avoid bleaching and other unsightly markings. Staff should also clean up any messes as soon as they’re noticed, since the longer a stain sits on an item, the less likely your chances are of removing it entirely.

The right procurement decisions and proper handling can save hoteliers from having to make untimely, expensive product replacements. With extensive knowledge of how hotels work and strong vendor relationships, Innvision Hospitality provides hoteliers with end-to-end procurement for lasting success. Contact us today to see how we can help your property thrive!