insights from FF&E procurement specialists

Innvision Hospitality has seen a great deal of change in the past 15 years, and our experiences in servicing and supplying the hospitality industry have taught us a few things along the way.

From improving our clients’ experience to solidifying our company values, we have grown throughout our journey. Here are the top lessons learned since our founding in 2004:

Same Services, Improved Operations

At the core, the hospitality procurement and transportation management services we provide today are similar to those we delivered 15 years ago. However, the tools and technologies, processes, training, and team roles have evolved significantly over time. Innvision has learned how to offer a higher level of service to our clients than ever before through better information, response times, follow-through, and planning.

Relationships Matter

The sound relationships we’ve built with FF&E manufacturers, freight carriers and various other vendors in the hospitality industry are a cornerstone of our business. Some of these relationships go all the way back to Innvision’s beginning, and through the years we’ve observed which of the 1500+ vendors we have worked with perform best and in which situations. This has taught us that our company’s success depends on the strength of the partnerships we build.

It’s All About the People

Again and again, throughout Innvision’s operations, we’ve been reminded of the importance of having great team members. Our internal culture has grown stronger thanks in part to our focus on practicing core values and behaviors and having the right mindset. We ensure that every employee embodies these ideals in their everyday actions both with each other and when interacting with clients.

Adapting to Marketplace Changes

Over the years, franchisors have been raising the bar on interior design within their brand requirements and design schemes for hotel properties have reflected this higher standard. Accordingly, Innvision realized that we needed to ramp up our design team and capabilities. We formed ID Studio in 2010 with this in mind, allowing us to meet the need for beautiful designs that fit within hotel brand standards.

One of the most significant takeaways I’ve gotten from Innvision’s long history in the hospitality industry is that progress doesn’t tend to come in substantial breakthroughs. For us, growth arrives through a series of incremental steps that build on each other along the way.

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