resupply services for hotels

From FF&E to OS&E, every item in a hotel has a shelf life. Whether your products have been damaged, stolen, or simply reached the end of their lifespan, replacing them when needed in a timely manner is a key part of running a hotel effectively.  

Innvision Hospitality’s new Resupply division allows hoteliers to restock all their property’s essential goods without having to go through multiple sources, while adhering to brand standards and maintaining the quality that guests expect. 

What is Hospitality Resupply?

Put simply, hotel resupply refers to the replacement of FF&E or OS&E items in a property. Resupply orders are typically smaller scale than those associated with a renovation or Property Improvement Plan (PIP). They range from minor updates such as a single item replacement to more involved resupply needs like restocking groups of hotel necessities. 

Why Choose Innvision for Your Resupply Needs?

Innvision Hospitality has been providing the highest caliber design and procurement services to hotels for over a decade, and we are proud to offer that same level of service in our new Resupply division. 

Exceptional Service

With Innvision Resupply, you get more than just a contact who picks out and replaces items. You also get a trusted advisor and partner who will ensure the entire ordering and fulfillment process is seamless. As an end-to-end design and procurement provider, Innvision has a team of experts, including a logistics department that oversees orders, deliveries, installation, and all communication involved. You can rest easy knowing that we will meet your resupply needs.

Brand Knowledge

It’s essential that hotels have full confidence that their FF&E and OS&E resupply items will meet their flag’s requirements before placing orders. Failing to adhere to brand standards may result in expensive replacements of your resupply products. Innvision has vast experience with a wide number of hotel brands and uses this knowledge to pick out goods for each of our clients that follow brand specifications. 

Strong Vendor Relationships

The relationships we’ve built with reputable hospitality vendors throughout our 15 years in the industry allow us to offer competitive prices to our clients. Innvision only works with manufacturers that have shown the utmost quality in their products, guaranteeing that all your resupply items meet the mark. 

Resupply is an inevitable necessity for any hotel property. Whether you’re replacing big-ticket items such as case goods or everyday goods like linens, you’ll need to make sure that each of your hotel’s assets are high quality and in compliance with brand standards. Do you have FF&E or OS&E that needs replacement? Request a resupply quote from Innvision Hospitality today to get started!