How New Casegoods Create More Space in a Room

How New Casegoods Create More Space in a Room

casegoods create space in guestroom

Hospitality designers have embraced minimalism, and less is now more. Hoteliers are filling their properties with less furniture that is both functional and aesthetic. This philosophy is a big part of the solution when it comes to accommodating guests who need a workspace within the guestroom. Some fresh and interesting design changes have happened to help guests have a more productive stay. 

The Work Space

Traditionally, hotels that frequently had guests that needed workspace would dedicate part of the room as a workstation. But providing that dedicated space takes up a good chunk of the room. As hotel rooms have shrunk, space has become a huge issue. Hoteliers had to resolve this in order for guests not to feel cramped inside their rooms. Innovations within casegoods and tables led to the sleek, minimal furniture design often used in hospitality. 

To minimize the real estate furniture takes in the room, manufacturers combined pieces into multipurpose hybrids. They integrated tables and casegoods together to create a multi-use desk, dresser, coffee table, or luggage bench. C-tables are popular replacements for nightstands as they’re smaller and take up less floor space. Finishes for these pieces are moving in new directions also. Chrome and brushed nickel are popular however, newer trends are popping up that include bronze, satin gold, and copper. Many hoteliers lean towards a natural wood finish for tables. These wood laminates are usually a medium to light tone. Some manufacturers can print all kinds of textures and patterns onto the hard surfaces making customized pieces and appearances possible.

Today’s hospitality design places more focus than ever on choosing the colors, textures, and furniture that make a small space seem bigger while also offering the outsized functionality to serve whatever guests’ needs may arise. Remaining thoughtful in design intent and product procurement is a must to provide travelers with an enjoyable and productive stay. Innvision Hospitality offers end-to-end design and procurement services that help hoteliers meet guest needs while sticking to their budget and timeline. Reach out today to start planning your property’s new build or reconstruction!