How The Chines New Year Impacts FF&ELonger lead times are common with international production, especially in the January – March months. Around this time every year, FF&E projects are at risk for delays caused by the Chinese New Year.

How the CNY Impacts Your FF&E

The Chinese New Year celebration is a 10-day event. During this time, all factories in China are shut down to enable workers to travel and celebrate with family.

Chinese New Year 2018 Timeline

  • February 2: Workers start returning home, halting production
  • February 16: Chinese New Year
  • March 2: Workers begin to arrive and production resumes
  • March 16: Operations slowly return to normal

Note: If you have production overseas, the CNY celebration really does impact your FF&E project. Our procurement experts strongly suggest placing orders by mid-November to prevent disappointment.

With 4 to 6 weeks of little to no production, unless you have planned in advance, your FF&E shipping will be greatly affected.

Tips for Avoiding Severe Delays During the Chinese New Year

To keep things moving during the CNY, consider the following:

  • Place orders on time. You’re looking at a long delay, so the earlier you place your orders, the better. For example, the cutoff date for the 2018 Chinese New Year was November 16, 2017, to ensure production occurred within a 30-40 day window.
  • Be open to alternatives. If a stalled FF&E shipment creates major issues for your project, it may be prudent to consider a domestic alternative. Although the cost is typically higher, avoiding extended delays is worth the added price.
  • Continue sending sales orders. Even though you know vendors are shut down for the celebration, it’s vital to continue operating as usual on your end. Send in your sales orders to secure your spot in line when production starts up again.

Remember, the project doesn’t stop if there are FF&E shipment delays. You must move forward according to the logistics plan and coordinate with your general contractor, designers and procurement consultants when necessary.

FF&E Procurement Expertise at Your Fingertips

Challenging production delays caused by the Chinese New Year are a routine part of business with China, but with a balance of flexibility and careful planning, you can ensure the celebration has minimal impact on your FF&E shipment.

At Innvision, we take special care in the early stages of every project, developing a logistics report to help clients prepare for receiving a shipment. If you’d like to find out more about our project logistics expertise or you simply have an FF&E purchasing question, please call 678-967-2032 to speak with us directly.