how to choose a hotel resupply provider

While resupplying your hotel goods may seem like a simple task at first glance, there’s a lot that can go wrong. From not receiving your items on time to failing to adhere to brand standards, the best way to keep resupply issues at bay is by partnering with a qualified hotel resupply company

Consider the following factors when deciding from whom to order your hotel’s replenishable products.

Brand and Product Knowledge

When reordering must-have items for your hotel, you’ll need to ensure they adhere to brand standards. There are countless options out there for hotel necessities such as linens and terry. For properties under a flag, each of these products must follow brand rules to avoid having to waste time and resources on replacements. A qualified resupply company will have proper knowledge of various brand standards to guide hoteliers in placing the correct orders. 

Product knowledge is another important aspect in a hotel resupplier. Your resupply partner should be well-versed in all the various items available to guarantee that they not only meet flag requirements but are of the desired quality, as well.

Strong Vendor Relationships

A hotel resupply company is only as good as the vendors it uses and the relationships it cultivates with these manufacturers. FF&E resuppliers who have long-standing connections with vendors will be able to save hoteliers money by always being in the know on product specials and bulk purchase deals that they pass along to their clients. 

Strong relationships with manufacturers also allow a hotel resupply company to receive superior levels of service. This means shorter lead times and a quicker response in the event of a missing shipment or damaged product. When a hospitality vendor sees value in a resupply company, it will go above and beyond to continue that beneficial partnership. 


When partnering with a hotel resupply company, you’ll want to make sure that the relationship is just that — a partnership. There’s immeasurable value in having a hospitality procurement and resupply specialist that works with you throughout the entire process. If you have questions about an order or are experiencing a problem, you will want your resupply provider to address these concerns promptly lest your hotel operations suffer. 

Find out about a hospitality resupply company’s communication style and scope before you make a decision. You must determine if your provider will focus on your needs from the beginning of resupply to the end or whether service levels will drop once it places purchase orders. Make sure your point of contact is interested in more than just making a sale and can deliver excellent service and a smooth experience the whole way through.

Resupply Red Flags

Just as important as knowing what makes a good hotel resupply company is understanding what signs you should look out for in a bad one. Take the following circumstances as a warning that a resupplier likely won’t be able to meet hoteliers’ needs:

New in Town

Reputation matters, and if your chosen resupply company doesn’t have one then there’s nothing to help you predict the quality of their services. Even worse, a resupplier who doesn’t have a website or online presence and is only discoverable via salesy emails means it doesn’t put effort towards giving customers the full picture about its business.

Client testimonials and proof of good prior work are key aspects of any hotel project partnership. Be sure to carefully vet a hotel resupply company before placing any orders to avoid subpar products or services.

Catalog Carriers

While ordering your hotel’s items through an online catalog may appear to make the process simple, a DIY approach to resupply leaves you at risk for incorrect product choices. Resuppliers should offer more than just necessary products for your property by also guiding you in the right direction using their hospitality knowledge and experience.

FF&E and OS&E won’t last a lifetime, and whether your items require frequent replacement or only once every few years, you’ll want to have a quality hotel resupply company on hand for when the time comes. Innvision utilizes our 15+ years of experience in the hospitality industry to provide hoteliers with the best hotel resupply services available. Contact us today to request a quote!