starting hotel project questions to ask

Preparation is key in any hotel project, and the earlier and more in-depth your planning is, the more successful your final result will be. Part of preparing for a new build or renovation is knowing what questions to ask before the project even begins.

These questions will help you assemble the right team for your FF&E project and make sure that you’re ready for what’s ahead.

Are My Finances in Order?

Before you can begin work on your hotel project or even start putting together your team, you’ll need to make sure that you have the finances to complete a project. Your hotel brand is an excellent resource for financial information on what the costs will be for building a hotel.

Sit down with your banker and review the project finances to get everything in place before bringing on an architect, general contractor, and procurement specialist. Once you’ve established project funding and understand your budget parameters, you should ask your procurement provider about how they handle FF&E financing.

Is My Team Qualified?

Not all procurement providers are created equal, and the more experience your hospitality partner has, the better. Inquire about how many hotel projects a procurement company has completed and request references to confirm that these projects were successful. A seasoned project manager and hospitality team will have the knowledge to manage a project’s day-to-day obstacles and solve for any complications that may arise. Ask your team what aspects of a project could go wrong and how they would rectify these situations, and be sure to have them walk you through all of their processes, as well.

Another thing to consider in choosing your hospitality provider is their training. Ask for a list of certifications that their team has. For example, hospitality interior designers may have NCIDQ certification, which means that your designer has the proper education to understand not just beautiful visuals, but how building structures work as a whole and how to engage with architects, engineers, and contractors. Experience takes form not just in years but in the knowledge and background of your procurement team.

Does My Team Know Hotels?

While a professional hospitality procurement provider will know the ins and outs of hotel projects, this isn’t always a given for other members of your team such as architects and general contractors (GCs). No matter how skilled someone is at their craft, it’s essential that they also have express experience working on hotels to avoid setbacks and guarantee the success of your property. GCs and architects without knowledge of the hospitality industry may not understand the importance of sticking to brand specifications and may try to make plan substitutions, slowing down approvals from the franchisor and adding to overall costs.

Before you hire any project team members, ask for a list of hotel projects and references to ensure they are proficient not just in their field of study, but in hospitality, as well. You should also check in with your brand to ensure that your team is well-regarded and trusted by the brand. Taking this extra step will go a long way when seeking approvals.

Who is Responsible for What?

There’s nothing worse than starting a project only to find out a vital aspect has been overlooked due to confusion on roles. You must have clear, detailed communication between your entire hotel project team to decipher what tasks will be covered by who. Creating a responsibility matrix will assign ownership for all components of a hotel project, as well as set up timelines for when each task needs to be complete. After negotiations, have all involved parties sign the responsibility matrix to keep you and your team accountable.

Innvision Hospitality can help you ask the right questions and obtain the most important information needed for your hotel project. Planning in advance, working with the right partners, and communicating actively will set you up to achieve your desired results for all types of hotel projects. Reach out to our design and procurement experts today to learn more about how we work and what we can do for your property.