Though not essential to the function of a hotel, the right artwork can bring a property together completely.

From framing options to the placement of individual pieces, choices in hotel art have changed in recent years. If you want your property to stay up to date with design, consider the following trends when selecting and installing your artwork:

Less is More

Some brands are starting to reject corridor artwork in favor of a more minimal, bare-bones look. Artwork framing is simpler, too, with certain brands eliminating framed pieces altogether. When the scheme does call for a frame, designers are opting for clean and contemporary frames in black and silver instead of the traditional elaborate, massive structure.

Working with the Room

The hotel corridor isn’t the only area seeing less art. Instead of employing hangable artwork, guest rooms now infuse creativity in the FF&E design, such as decorative upholstered fabric on headboards or graphic print window treatments. This enables hoteliers to quickly refresh the look of their rooms by changing out the furniture, fixtures, and equipment rather than purchasing all new artwork.

Local Interest

A popular option for thematic hotel art is to incorporate regional aspects in the design. Featuring pieces by local artisans is a great way to bring local immersion to your property, but sourcing brand-approved creations can be a challenge. For a simpler option, use commercial artwork that relates to your location such as landmark images. To make the art stand out from nearby properties, add custom colors to the pieces to match your desired color scheme and provide a more individual element.

While these hospitality art trends are quickly gaining popularity, artwork selection depends on your specific property. When choosing your hotel’s art, you’ll need to consider factors such as brand requirements, your clientele, and your property’s location.

The design and procurement specialists at Innvision Hospitality are experts in creating and implementing design schemes that fit a project’s vision and requirements. Contact us today to start choosing the best artwork for your hotel!