modern biophilic hospitality design

Part of what makes hospitality design exciting is its dynamic ever-changing landscape. Different fabrics, patterns, textures, and colors gain and then lose popularity. New factors, such as social distancing, touchless guest experiences, and keeping a hotel clean, are now part of the thought process. However, the timeless goal of all hotel designers is to create a compelling look and feel that aligns with the brand standards and/or owner’s preference, while also providing comfort, functionality, and quality to the guests. Here’s a quick look at how recent design trends have evolved.

Health and Wellness

Even before COVID-19, design focused on health and wellness had become a lasting theme in hospitality. New concepts involve exercise access in guest rooms, spa features, and self-care amenities. Biophilia is a big trend that lends to the relaxing and health-centered design. Examples include green space, water features, and natural textures that add a whole new dynamic to a guest’s stay. Since cleanliness and sanitation have become more important, using authentic materials that are easy to maintain has become very popular but can be costly. When working within a smaller budget, copper surfaces, which are naturally bacteria-resistant, may become a more financially sound decision. 

Finding Originality in Popular Design

Hospitality design demands a high level of rigor when it comes to brand standards and functionality. With so many different brands having various identities and styles, how do you begin to mix and match all these factors into one – beautiful design? With the large number of options available, there’s never just one style, look, or feel that will always be the right choice. It’s important to differentiate your property from others so that it is recognized and respected by guests.

One of the best parts about hospitality design today is that for most brands, there isn’t a formula anymore. This means you can put your creative hat on and really let the story behind your hotel show within your design choices. In many cases, the more original you make it, the better the guest response. Brands that rely on the creativity of designers and architects push to get the best design while still staying true to their brand standards. 

We’ve seen guest rooms that had a residential feel, with every comfort of home and familiarity. We’ve also witnessed the rising trend of more business-centered rooms, with a focus on business travelers who may need work stations and ergonomic office chairs. On the flip side, millennials have demanded rooms with less of a focus on work and more attention to relaxation. This idea created rooms with better beds, bigger TVs and increased amenities.

Building a design that fits the needs of your guests while matching brand standards can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact our design and procurement specialists today to learn more about the benefits of our end-to-end hospitality services!