A Step-by-Step Guide to Receiving MattressesThis article is the final installment in our blog series on Receiving Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment.
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Preparation is key when receiving FF&E product, which is why we’re sharing this brief how-to guide for receiving mattresses, including what questions you should ask to prepare.

Ask Questions Beforehand

Mattresses are essential to ensuring guest comfort. After all, what’s a hotel or resort without beds?

As one of the most important parts of your FF&E plan, ask these questions before you receive a mattress and box spring delivery:

  • What factors affect product availability?
    Most mattress manufacturers produce product to order. Availability of product will depend on the number of sets you order. While most mattress companies offer free freight when order 10 or more sets, keep in mind the offer varies by manufacturer.
  • When should mattress sets be delivered?
    To allow your install crew time to set them up, have bed bases and frames delivered at least one week before the mattress sets. Bed bases and frames will be palletized and are best unloaded with a forklift depending on the quantity ordered. Note: The install of bed bases and frames typically affects new construction projects.
  • How do I best schedule trucks for mattress delivery?
    The answer depends on your order size. For example, orders that are 90 – 110 total pieces will fill a 53′ trailer and will be delivered on direct trucks, which you can schedule for the required day and time.
  • If I have an order below 90 total pieces, how do I schedule a truck for delivery?
    Orders under 90 total pieces, including the mattress and box spring, will most likely be delivered on a route truck. These trucks will have multiple deliveries and may only be in your area at certain days and times. Delivery time will depend on the order of their route, and you can expect to be given an estimated delivery window on the day of delivery.
  • How should each trailer be filled?
    Each trailer should be filled with similar product, such as all Queen or all King sets (King sets will have two Twin box springs), which will help facilitate delivery and install by only having to count one product. Keep in mind that should the order fall under 90 total pieces, the balance will deliver on a route truck.

Receiving Mattresses: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps when receiving and unloading a mattress delivery:

  1. Upon arrival of your delivery, unload all product first to the ground, typically under the porte-cochere at the entrance to the hotel.
  2. Confirm count, note any damage/shortage/overage and sign the delivery receipt.
  3. Proceed to distribute the box springs first, followed by the mattresses.

Special Tip: Until the guest room is ready to set up, you may want to delay removing the protective plastic wrap on the mattresses.

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