Quick FF&E Tips for Receiving SeatingThis article is the sixth installment in our blog series on Receiving Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment. To catch up on past articles in this series, read:

Seating is typically delivered after case goods, artwork and lighting. When receiving seating products, you’ll want to consider the following:

Product-Specific Questions to Ask

  • Where is the product manufactured?Determine where your products are coming from in advance. If you experience project delays, you’ll want to communicate with the manufacturer to avoid a premature product arrival. International manufacturing involves many moving parts, so you must be aware of any cutoff dates before production.
  • How is the product packaged?To prepare for unloading and installation, identify whether your product will be boxed or wrapped before it arrives. Be aware of case packs, which may contain more than one item.
  • What is the product weight?Another item to consider in preparation for receiving seating is the total weight of the product. If you have limited staff available, you may need to request specialized equipment such as a lift gate to unload heavier products such as sofa sleepers or large banquettes.
  • What are the space requirements for staging?Space planning is a critical element of receiving and staging product. To properly stage seating products, you must identify space requirements. In the event of project delays, potential storage may be required.
  • Where will products be placed?Be aware of the final placement location, whether it’s a guestroom or public area, prior to installation. In the pre-planning phase, ensure your team understands where to place seating items upon delivery.

Quick Tips for Receiving Seating

1. Understand staffing and equipment needs.

If your renovation project has minimal staff on hand, you may require a lift gate or additional special equipment to ensure a quick, efficient unload.

2. Take care when opening boxes.

One of the most frequent causes of product damage is simple human error when using box cutters and utility knives. Encourage careful use of these tools to minimize damages.

3. Consider trash removal.

An often-overlooked aspect of receiving and installation is packaging disposal. Be prepared to remove and dispose of all seating packaging.

Stay tuned for more in our “Tips for Receiving FF&E” blog series to know the right questions to ask of your procurement, logistics, installation, and GC partners to ensure your hotel project goes smoothly! Next up: Window Treatments.

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