common FF&E procurement questions and answers

Whether they’re working on a new build or hotel renovation, hoteliers often have a myriad of questions about how FF&E procurement works, and rightfully so. Choosing the right products and receiving them in a timely manner are essential to both the function and opening date of a hotel property.

We’ve gathered a list of some of our most commonly asked client support questions so you can familiarize yourself with the hotel furnishing process before starting your next project.

How Long Will My Hotel Project Take to Complete?

While every hotel project is different, the timeline for hospitality procurement always relies heavily on FF&E lead times and brand approvals.

Lead Times

Lead times for FF&E will vary by item category and from which vendors you purchase your goods. Having an idea of how long your products take to ship will help you estimate a project timeline.

Brand Approvals

Purchase orders can’t go out to vendors until your brand has approved all FF&E selections. Therefore, once you select products, you should submit them to your brand for approval as soon as possible. Timelines for brand review typically range between two and four weeks, but certain brands may take up to six weeks to complete their approvals.

How Do You Choose Vendors?

The vendors you receive your FF&E products from will directly affect the quality of items, so you should choose manufacturers carefully. Factors that influence vendor choice include location, lead times, and price tier. Mention to your hospitality procurement provider which vendors’ products and services you’ve liked most to see if working with them is a good option.

Reputable hospitality procurement providers have long-standing relationships with a variety of FF&E vendors. Their experience and knowledge working with these vendors will ensure that your hotel project uses manufacturers who produce high-caliber goods, reliable service, and overall value.

Why is This Item So Expensive?

Inexperienced hoteliers may see similar items to what they need at local stores and wonder why the price point for their FF&E is so much higher. The reason that hospitality products are pricier than goods found at standard home furnishing shops is the difference in quality. All FF&E for hotels must be commercial-grade to adhere to brand standards and guarantee that they hold up over time.

Why Use a Procurement Company?

An FF&E procurement partner will work on your project from start to finish, providing everything needed to open and operate your hotel. Their industry experience and in-depth knowledge of how hotels work allow hospitality procurement companies to make the best selections for your needs while staying within budget and compliance with brand requirements.

In addition to selecting FF&E, an end-to-end hospitality procurement provider handles all the details necessary to keep your project moving from brand submittals all the way through to installation.

Knowledge is power, and this is especially true in the complex world of hospitality. The more you know about FF&E procurement and everything that goes into a successful hotel project, the better prepared you’ll be for your new build or reconstruction. The design and procurement experts at Innvision Hospitality are always available to answer any questions you may have about hospitality projects. Reach out today to benefit from our wealth of hotel knowledge!