Average FF&E Delivery Time

Whether you’re undergoing a new construction or property improvement plan, FF&E is a significant part of a project’s success.

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear from clients is “How long will FF&E take to arrive?”

Average FF&E Delivery Time

From time of shipping to delivery to the property, FF&E takes about 5 days to arrive, on average. Be sure to communicate with your vendor about delivery times to minimize impact to your project timeline.

Keep in mind that the date your furniture, fixtures or equipment ships all depends on the overall production time of the vendor. For example, case goods typically have the longest lead times, with anywhere from 10-12 weeks of production before they ship.

Plan ahead so your property renovation or new construction project continues moving forward even as FF&E items are in production. The time from sales order to delivery could take three months or more.

Other Factors That Influence When FF&E Arrives

Outside of vendor production time, other factors may impact FF&E delivery, such as:

  • Weather conditions. Heavy rain, snow and ice create hazard on the roads, making it difficult for delivery trucks to safely transport products.
  • Customs delays. Once International product arrives in port, it must clear customs before continuing on to its destination.
  • Construction schedule*. Delay in construction and other adjustments to the overall schedule affect every aspect of your project, including FF&E.  
  • Property location. If your hotel is located in a region not regularly serviced by delivery carriers, you must plan for extra delivery time. Some owners select third-party trucking companies to avoid further wait.

*Please note construction delays may affect the delivery date of your FF&E, but once the vendor has shipped, you must make arrangements to receive the product.

Final Note

After your PO (purchase order) is submitted, you can expect your logistics coordinator to advise when the order is ready to ship. To prepare for your FF&E arrival, make sure you have appropriate equipment and staff available on the delivery date.

When the product does arrive, take time to offload and inspect the delivery, confirming all product quantities are correct and in good condition.

At Innvision, we take special care in the early stages of every project, developing a logistics report to help clients prepare for FF&E arrival. To find out more about our project logistics expertise or ask a FF&E purchasing question, please call 678-967-2032 to speak with us today.