Hotel Roller Shades FF&E Window Treatment

Hospitality design is moving towards a contemporary, minimal style and elaborate drapery doesn’t always hit the mark. Functional roller shades provide a clean appearance to match the modern atmosphere so present in today’s hotels.

The blinds have come a long way since we first started seeing them pop up in hospitality, and will likely only continue to improve with time. Here are just a handful of roller shade developments that have taken place over the years:

1. Blackout Treatment

When roller shades first emerged in hotels, light leakage occurred, creating a challenge to provide sufficiently dark rooms for guests to enjoy. To solve this, hoteliers now include U-shaped side channels running across the borders and bottom of window treatments that the roller shades are pulled through. This technique gives a 100 percent blackout effect so that your guests can rest comfortably no matter the time of day.

2. Solar View

While once only used in guest rooms, roller shades are on the rise in hotel public areas such as the lobby. Selecting sheer and weave fabrics for roller shades in shared spaces allows guests to look outward while blocking outsiders from looking in. These solar shades will block out the sun’s glare without taking away from the surrounding view.

3. Bold Prints

With recent technology advances allowing for graphics of all kinds to be printed directly on the shades, your blinds can now be the focal point of any room. Whether it’s artwork or a fun, unexpected color, printed roller shades are a far cry from the standard window treatment in a single color. While classic neutrals will always be a mainstay for window treatments, graphic printing provides hoteliers with more creative options for their design.

4. Easy Access

Many roller shade manufacturers are utilizing technology to automate their function for guests and staff alike. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the motorized shades allow guests to raise and lower the shades at the touch of a button. The remote-controlled blinds can be activated from anywhere, so staff can adjust the position of pubic area roller shades without leaving the front desk.

Once only seen in residential properties, roller shades are now a common staple in hotels around the world. If your hotel is still using traditional window treatments, it might be time to consider making a switch.

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