full scope of procurement services

End-to-end procurement is an all-encompassing suite of services that dovetail together to create a successful hotel FF&E package with a satisfied owner or developer.

Each step plays an essential role in bringing a project to fruition, using a detail-oriented process that addresses every need any new construction or renovation requires to be guest-ready.

What Does End-to-End Procurement Entail?

An end-to-end FF&E procurement provider will deliver all goods and related services you need to complete your hotel project on time and within budget, including:

A design team will put careful consideration into selecting fabrics, finishes, and colors for your furniture, fixtures, and equipment to provide a scheme that meets both your vision and your flag’s requirements.

  • Procurement

    Purchasing agents use their vast industry knowledge to recommend and procure FF&E items with competitive pricing from trusted vendors that fit within your brand standards and deliver quality products.

  • Project Management

    Project managers ensure your scope of work remains within budget and they oversee each phase of your property’s new construction or renovation. They verify that your project stays on track and the entire process runs smoothly.

  • Logistics

    Expert logistics coordinators handle all the scheduling and communication for deliveries, from finishes all the way to smaller items such as artwork and lighting, creating a timeline based on your project’s specific needs. This service confirms that every product shows up in the correct order and within the appropriate cycle to ensure that your project opens on time.

  • Finances

    The credit department will help establish a tailored financial terms package for your project based on the relevant factors. At Innvision, we provide credit terms as an exclusive option for clients.

  • Installation

    For this optional service, your provider will supervise the many complexities of FF&E installation in collaboration with experienced installation professionals. With logistics support, the install team will place your items with precision and care.

The above descriptions are by no means exhaustive. In future series installments, we’ll explore the depths of each individual service and how they contribute to end-to-end procurement.

Why Choose End-to-End Procurement?

When you partner with a procurement provider that offers a full scope of services, you get a one-stop shop for all your project needs without having to stretch yourself thin and risk miscommunication when coordinating with several different contacts. In addition to convenience, you also enjoy the benefit of hiring a specialized team that works together, so every stage of your project transitions to the next seamlessly.

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