Should I choose domestic or imported FF&E for my hotel?

It used to be that hoteliers would often choose international vendors for their FF&E purchases to save on costs. However, the import tariffs now mean that there isn’t much difference in price when it comes to American-made vs. imported goods.

Here are a few things you should know before you choose between domestic and international products for your hotel’s FF&E needs:

The Benefits of Domestic Products

One of the most significant advantages to American-made FF&E is shorter lead times. The closer proximity of US producers can significantly lessen shipping and freight times, such that hotel products from domestic vendors can arrive weeks before similar items from international manufacturers.

Domestic FF&E is also less susceptible to marring, since the product doesn’t go through as many touchpoints as it would when it ships from overseas. The less handling there is on hospitality items, the lower the chance of freight damages.

Furthermore, if damages do happen to occur, shorter lead times mean faster replacements so that the mishap doesn’t delay your project opening. 

When to Choose Imported Goods

Certain products simply aren’t able to be produced in the U.S. due to EPA regulations. For example, items such as lighting and mirrors are difficult to find from a domestic vendor. American manufacturers that do provide these products usually can’t produce them in the quantities needed by hotels.

Rather than searching high and low for American-made versions of these products, an international source is likely your best option to avoid unnecessary hassles. 

Making the Right Call

Many past FF&E selections came down to your project budget. But with the price gap between American-made and imported goods decreasing significantly, hoteliers now have more freedom to choose vendors based on other factors. The final call on which FF&E manufacturers to use  might include brand standards and availability. There are more compelling reasons to work with US producers than ever, but a hotel’s products will likely come from a mix of both domestic and international sources.

Selecting manufacturers for each of your hotel’s necessities can be tricky. When you partner with a hospitality procurement provider, you’ll benefit from professional consultants that help you make the right decision for your project based on a number of factors. Contact Innvision Hospitality today so we can help you navigate through and streamline your property’s procurement process!