Hotel Public Space Design by Innvision Hospitality

Shared areas are no longer just a spot for guests to wait around in before their room is available. Today, public space design focuses on creating functional, inviting atmospheres that cater to a variety of guest needs.

In this blog, our Innvision Design Studio designers are sharing their thoughts on the change to public space and what’s trending in hospitality design for shared areas:


More people are traveling with electronic devices than ever before, so providing ways for guests to access power is essential for guest comfort. To that end, outlets hardwired directly into furniture pieces such as communal tables and lighting fixtures are replacing traditional wall outlets. Accommodating hoteliers are placing charging stations in dining area booths as well.

Outlets aren’t the only way hotels are staying tech-friendly, though. The emergence of smart technology allows for properties to offer more convenient, streamlined guest processes. One such advancement is the incorporation of touch-screen computers and tablets that guests can use to self-check-in or view hotel information without the assistance of a desk clerk.

Open Design

In the past, public spaces were made up of distinct areas, with walls separating the different centers from each other. Now, we’re seeing the rise of multi-use spaces. The main lobby may blend into the business center and cafe, for example.

For business travelers, flexibility is key. Developers today are utilizing modular furniture pieces like ottomans rather than stationary seats. The goal is for travelers to easily move around and create the best workplace setup for their needs, whether they want to work solo or collaborate with others.


Creating a stand-out property experience means providing guests with more than just a place to rest at night. Many public areas now feature fun activities for guests, such as board games and tabletop games like foosball. Outdoor areas may include more active games such as cornhole.

Wellness is another massive trend in hotel guest amenities. Hotel gyms are expanding, with a variety of equipment available to help guests remain fit and healthy during their stay. Some properties even offer special group programs such as yoga and meditation classes.

When designing your public spaces, remember that for guests, interactive design matters just as much as a welcoming atmosphere.

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