Keep cost within budget on your next property updateKeeping your hotel FF&E project within budget can be a difficult task, as a few smaller things can start to add up quickly. However, there are specific steps you can take to make sure your property update or new construction goes off without a hitch while keeping prices at a minimum.

Lowering Freight & Shipping Costs

It’s generally less expensive across all product categories to consolidate items into fewer big shipments than to break quantities up into more small shipments. There are some FF&E manufacturers who will waive your entire shipping fee if you order in larger volumes. Depending on how much product you need, it might be worth it to purchase an additional item or two for attic stock  and save on freight.

In terms of shipping, you’ll want a trusted procurement provider to handle the arrangements and help bid on vendors, as their relationships with carriers will allow you to get the best volume rates. A freight manager will also assist with choosing the right size truck for your shipments, so you don’t wind up paying extra for a larger vehicle if you don’t need the space.

How to Save on FF&E Products

Buying items in bulk can help reduce costs on not just shipping, but on your FF&E product costs as well. Your procurement provider is a huge asset in keeping your furniture, fixtures, and equipment at the lowest price point. They can utilize their solid vendor relationships to negotiate better deals with higher volumes. If you have already selected specific items, a provider may even be able to find low-cost alternatives that still meet brand standards and fit within your property vision.

Need Product Now? Go Domestic

If you need to furnish your hotel quickly, domestic is often a more cost-efficient option over international manufacturers. Although the cost of domestic products may be higher, you can save money in the long run due to expensive overseas shipping rates. International purchase orders also come with additional hurdles such as import tariffs and the Chinese New Year, which will add to your pricing or possibly delay your project timeline.

Infographic: Weigh the pros and cons of domestic and international case goods.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

While these tips can help you save on the overall costs of your FF&E, they may not be the right option for every hotel project. Every property is different, and depending on varying factors, an alternative route than the advice listed here may be a wiser choice for your hotel project.

Our expert design and procurement specialists are here to guide you in the right direction and guarantee that all FF&E is chosen with your budget and timeline in mind. Contact Innvision Hospitality today to learn how to get your project up and running while avoiding unnecessary costs and setbacks.